Thursday, March 2, 2023

Shooter has arrived. Thank you so very much!!!


20230227 snowing in New Castle

We arrived in New Castle, Colorado by 8am on Monday, February 27th, after being on the road for an hour already having spent the night in a hotel about 50 miles away. The wind was blowing and the snow got heavier the higher in elevation we climbed. By the time we got to Shooter's home the snow was coming down really hard. Luckily we knew once we left, we would drive away from the snow and and get back onto dry highways.

Knowing there was a good chance we would be in the snow, Lary installed two sheets of plywood, one on each side to the horse trailer to cover the open slats where there are no windows. What a difference those panels made in wind reduction and keeping the trailer warmer.

20230227 loading Shooter

Seeing Shooter for the first time we realized he was taller than we thought and would be much bigger than Forest, even through they are close to the same age. His demeaner was very sweet and he came right over to the fence to great us.

Karen had been practicing trailer loading with Shooter but with the snow coming down, wind whipping and icy footing, we really took our time loading.

You can see the plywood panels in this picture. It took a few minutes, a bowl of feed and a little push from behind and he climbed in the trailer.

20230227 Shooter on board

We let Shooter loose in the trailer so he could balance himself and look out the back sides of the trailer to see what was going on. In the front of the trailer we had two hay nets for him to eat from when he got hungry. The back door was secured from the outside so he was snug in his big box stall for his first trailer ride.

We also have a camera in the trailer right above where he was standing so we could observe how he was doing the entire trip. At first he was very active looking out the windows. After many hours on the road, he was comfortable just standing or munching on his hay.

We stopped hourly for a short break and halfway through the trip home, a late lunch break for us so we could eat. It was after 7pm by the time we got home and he got out of the trailer like a champ and into the strange barn to spend his first night in his new home.

20230228 resting

Tuesday morning we went out to feed and saw that Shooter was comfortable enough to lay down and get some much needed rest. Monday's trip was 11 hours and very tiring for all of us.

We put Shooter in the adjoining stall to Trudee and Forest so they could meet each other over the fence and we could gauge their reactions to each other. Though tired, he was also curious about this new home and all the horses and donkeys around here. Many of them curiously coming up near his stall to see the new guy.

20230228 sharing the net

It didn't take long before we saw Shooter, Forest and Trudee eating from the same hay net. They seemed to like each others company and that gave us a very good feeling.

Yesterday, Wednesday we had a storm come through which was supposed to bring 3 inches of snow, but other than high winds and dropping tempuratures, we only got a sprinkling of snow early in this morning. Boy were we happy about that.

20230302 Shooter rearing

After Shooter being penned up for a couple days, and Forest and Trudee being penned up since last Thursday, we knew it was time to let them out so they could stretch their legs and run off some of their energy.

Boy did Shooter have energy! We put him in the pasture first and it was magical watching him explore, run, kick up his heels and amazingly I got a picture of him gleefully rearing. After he wore off that energy and investigated the entire pasture, we let Forest join him.

There was a little bit of running, more kicking up their heels, then they settled in to just being around each other. Trudee went out in the pasture with the mini donkeys so the boys could get to know each other without her in the middle.

20230302 Shooter and Forest sharing hay net

We have checked several times and it is heartwarming to see the two of them eating from the same hay net. We think they will turn out to be friends like Buddie and Rimson.

This could not have been possible with out the donations we received and we can't thank you all enough. You have changed the lives of both of these horses for the better and we appreciate all you have done so very much.

We want to extend a special thanks to Fleet of Angels and Elaine Nash who provided the rescue with $250 matching funds from their grant program for Bonded Pairs, this was a very nice grant from a fellow organization that does wonderful things to help equines around the world.

We also want to say a special thanks to Gary, who many of you may remember donated the funds for us to purchase and transport Buddie to the rescue to be a friend for Rimson when they were both about six months old. He donated funds on behalf of Rimson and Buddie to help Forest get a new best freind. Thank you Gary.

Lastly, Forest would like to thank you all. He has had a very tough beginning to his life and since being rescued he has found love and safety. Now you have made his life richer by helping us bring him a much needed friend and companion.

What a blessing!!!!

20230301 Forest Thank you for my new best friend

Equine WellBeing Rescue is a 501c3 public charity which is 100% volunteer run and managed. There is no paid staff or employees so funds donated goto the care of the equine at the rescue and others in need that we can help. Our volunteers are loving, caring and the best ever!!!!

There are lots of wonderful charities to support and we are honored and humbled by the support we get from you and your friends.

We want you to know YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!!

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