Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Poor girl, tied to a gate and abandoned.


A few weeks ago I was contacted by Linda, a local horse transporter asking us for help. Someone had left a mare tied to their gate in the middle of the night and just drove away.  After contacting the sheriff and following their instructions, she asked if we would have room for her at the rescue.  So on the 9th, we picked her up and brought her here to the rescue.   Meet Brandy.

She is in her mid 20's and clearly has seen better day.  Though she received food, deworming and an initial hoof trim at Linda's she was still very, very thin and bony.  Upon her arrive we noticed there was no muscle at all along her spine and hips and you could easily count all of her ribs.

Dr. Helzer was here that Sunday to give Princess stitches where she injured her left ear and gave Brandy an exam too. Brandy was very depressed and we noticed she had swelling, abrasions and bruising of her vulva area so to prevent any infection we treated her with antibiotics.  She also had rain rot along her top line which Linda had treated but still wasn't completely gone and her feet still needed further trimming,  We put her on a healthy diet plan and let her settle in.

Brandy is doing so much better now. Many people have come to visit her and she enjoys every bit of company.  She has a very gentle personality and not a mean bone in her body.  She has put on weight, the rain rot is gone, her vulva is almost healed and her mood is even happy.   She engages with the horses and donkeys and when she sees me, she approaches for hugs.  Brandy still has 100+ pounds to gain and we need to get her teeth done but we are taking one step at a time.

It is very hard to understand anyone just tying a horse to a gate and leaving, especially the far away location of Linda's home.  But we are so happy that we can help her get healthy and live out her days not having to worry where or when her next meal will come.

Big thanks to those who have donated for her care and have come to visit her.  Also to Justin Burt for fixing her feet at no charge to the rescue and many, many thanks to Linda and her family for untying her from the gate and helping her in those initial days until we were able to bring her to the rescue.

We will keep everyone updated on her progress.