Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome to Snowflake, AZ. Now let's get the horses here!

Ranch house in Snowflake AZ
Many of you know that my husband took a new job working for Navajo County in the White Mountains area of Arizona in December 2012.   We have owned 40 acres of partially improved land here since 2005 and had planned on retiring and opening up the 40 acres to the rescue horses with the ability to rotate pastures and save on hay.  Key word there was 'retiring'.  We had no idea that we would actually be moving here in our mid 50's.   But the job opportunity came up and at our age you take those opportunities when they come.   So he said 'yes' to the job and we packed our bags.

With the current housing market we realized it would be more cost effective to purchase a home with land rather than try to build new construction on the land we already have.   On Jan. 4th we put an offer in on 20 acres with a house, barn and out buildings and on Feb. 13, 13, we closed escrow on the new ranch.   You may think the picture above is the reason we bought the place, but the pictures below are the real reason.

40 x 80 barn

20 x 40 hay shed

I am not sure how many people buy a place to live because it has the hardware on it already, but with the barn, hay storage and fencing already around the 20 acres, it was big incentive to make the purchase.

Barn interior needs some maintenance and clean up.

This is open range and when we moved in we had to move 30 head of Brangus cows off the property so they wouldn't eat all the forage we have for the horses.  The previous owner took the gate off the driveway so the cows walked right in.    We are snugging up the fencing and have installed a gate so they can't get in any more and we have made two trips to haul the pipe panels and feeders from Ramona so we are getting set up for the rescued horses.  

First load of pipe panels headed out of Ramona
I was planning on making several round trips to bring back all the horses, with a 3 horse stock trailer, it would take 3 trips to bring back the rescue horses (6) and our own (3).  It is $400 for a round trip and the rescue horses will take 2 trips so that would be $800 for just fuel.

We will still need to supplement the oldsters (Gwen, Danny, Max and Maverick) with pelleted feed, so if you feel like tossing a few extra bucks in to help with the purchase of feed, that is ALWAYS appreciated.

Between now and then we will be very impatiently waiting for their arrival.  We still have the place Ramona where my son and Mom are staying and Jen Baker has been  helping care for the horses and we can't thank them enough for all their help and we certainly couldn't have done this with out it.

We need to raise the funds asap, If you would like to send a check, the fastest way to get it to us is by sending to PO Box 2722, Snowflake, AZ 85937 (don't ask my why, but it takes two weeks for mail to be forwarded from the Ramona PO).    PayPal is always easy and you can send donations using email: Donate@EquineWellBeing.org.    

This is an exciting time and we are looking forward to continue helping horses in the So Cal area along with horses in this area too.

Please pass this information on to your friends so they can help too if they would like.  All donations are SO GREATLY appreciated!!!

Oh, and before I forget....Miss Kitty has been adopted by Andrea Shepley and will remain in training with Cindy at Hidden Moon Ranch in Ramona.   Woo Hoo!   Another success story.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.   All our best,



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