Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Rimson & Buddie say GOODBYE to 2019

20190707 Lary carrying the foal

It is hard to believe that tomorrow, on 1-1-2020 Buddie and Rimson will both be six months old. It seems like it was just yesterday when Lary was carrying Rimson on July 7, 2019 into the barn after having been attacked by a cougar at only a week old and at the same time it seems like forever ago.
We didn't know if he would survive the night and he not only survived, but is now thriving with his best friend Buddie who came to the rescue on October 5, 2019 with health care needs of his own. Buddie is not 100% yet, but he is getting so close. Only a week or two apart in age they have become best friends, an important factor in their mental health recovery after both having a very rough start to life.
20191221 Carmen and Cumari
Amy, in her 20's loves her blanket

While this has certainly been the year of Rimson and Buddie we have helped so many more. In fact in 2019 we brought 44 horses, donkeys or minis into the rescue who needed help in one form or another. Most recently the Sweet 16 minis from Michigan who all but 2 are in their new homes with loving families. The 2 remaining sweet little mini donkeys will be with us for a while they put on some much needed weight. Carmen (light) and Cumari (dark) are mother and daughter and just as sweet as can be.
We started 2019 with 33 here at the rescue and as of today have found homes for 50 with 22 of those being adopted since November 1, 2019. It has been a very busy year. In fact as we close out this decade and reflect on all we have done, including moving the rescue from Ramona, CA to Snowflake, AZ in 2013, our numbers show we have assisted the lives of over 500 horses, donkeys, mules and minis which is hard for me to fathom as I sit here writing to you now. Going into the new year we still have 22 in our care here at the rescue.
It is through your friendship and support that we have been able to help any at all. Your donations have made the difference in the many lives that came in to the rescue and even more that we have helped off-site.
EqWBR Hopes Legacy Food Fund Flyer

Since its inception in January of 2017, our Hope's Legacy Equine Emergency Food Fund has paid out $3144.99 to help 75 equines in the Arizona White Mountains with an urgent need. Whether it was a loss of income, cancer or other illness of the owner, loss of home due to fire, or several other circumstances we have been able to provide food and hay to allow the family to keep their animals during the urgent time of need and in a few cases we brought the equines to the rescue or helped them find homes if the need were more long-term. A special way to support our community.
20190825 Nikki Finn memorial wall

Our memory wall shows plaques from 40 beloved equines and one sheep that have crossed the rainbow bridge since we started in 2006, but does not include those beloveds that passed this year.
Two who were only with us for a few hours, rescued and taken straight to the veterinarian, Midnight and Cody were in such severe condition that immediate euthanasia was the only humane thing to do which broke our hearts. The two others rescued from that same neglect case have recovered. Rocky is with his new family and Kix will remain here at the rescue to live out his days.
68925496 2471015446326604 6272972380608397312 o

We also said tearful goodbyes to our Tennessee Walking Horses, Gwen who had been with us since 2007 and Generators 44 Magnum who has been with us since 2014. TWH's are near and dear to our hearts. Princess was our oldest horse at age 29 she had been with us since 2015. All of them wonderful horses that touched many lives over the years. Nell the older sheep rescued last year pasted away late this summer. The loss of 5 equines and a sheep brought all of us sadness.
20170422 121629 0 -1

As an organization run completely by volunteers we have no one on salary or being paid wages which means the items and funds donated go to the care and needs of the horses, donkeys and minis we help. Everyone who volunteers is so appreciated because we could not function without such help. Whether it is for a special project, one day event, feeding, mucking stalls, grooming or other chores, administrative help, grant writing and more, the many hands make lighter work and a difference to each animal here.
None of what we have accomplished this year, this decade, could have been done without your friendship and generous support. Every dollar is put to such good use and spent very frugally so that more equines can be helped as needed. So we can say, "Yes, we are on our way." when we get a call to help a little life like Rimson who would have died without everyone's support and assistance.
EqWBR 2019 family small pix

As we head into a new year, a new decade we want you to know how much you are appreciated. Volunteer, donor, prayer warrior or moral support, you all help in your own way and it makes a huge difference in the lives of so many horses, donkeys and minis, and people too. There are so many wonderful charities to support and your support is so meaningful and heartfelt.
We hope to continue helping equines in need long into the future!
Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!

Your support is so greatly appreciated, we simply can't thank you enough!

Friday, December 27, 2019

Surprise gifts just in time for holiday storm

20191223 Box of blankets
Imagine our surprise when three big boxes were delivered by UPS completely unexpected. Upon opening the boxes we found eight beautiful winter blankets sent to us by WeatherBeeta who is know for high quality equine wear.
20191227 Dreamer in the snow
Dreamer is dry and warm in his new coat
These blankets could not have arrived at a better time as the weather reports were calling for a winter storm lasting up to two day.
Sure enough it started raining late last night and as the temperatures dropped it turned to snow. While the forecast was for only an inch accumulation, it is the rain turning cold that has the worst impact on our two older horses Dreamer and Amy.
Dreamer came to the rescue in the fall of 2018. He was 300 pounds underweight and had sores all over his spine, back and hips. At age 24, he does not have the muscle mass and fat of a younger horse so staying warm is more difficult in bad weather.
20191227 Amy in the snow
Amy, in her 20's loves her blanket
Elderly equines, especially those who came to us underweight or emaciated don't have the muscle mass to protect them from hypothermia when it rains, temperatures drop and cold winds blow. Whenever rain turning to snow is predicted we blanket our oldsters or others in need. Amy looks styling in her new blanket from WeatherBeeta.
Amy came to us in May of 2019 and while not emaciated she was underweight and in need of better nutrition. She has gained the needed weight, but in her early 20's the extra protection of a blanket in bad weather helps her retain warmth and not burn up calories to stay warm.
We have been proud members of the A Home for Every Horse program who in addition to offering us assistance with adoptions via free ads for our adoptable equines, also has sponsors who support the needs of rescues. For many years blankets have been made available to adopted equines through their program from Weatherbeeta, but what a wonderful surprise for us to receive blankets for those we have here and for a rescue who takes on medical cases require special nursing care this is a wonderful gift. Most of our blankets have been hand me downs, many needing to be sown, missing buckles, straps or having other issues but still serviceable and much appreciated.
To have 8 brand new blankets is truly special.
"For over 35 years WeatherBeeta has embarked on a brand mission to create high quality, comfortable, innovative and durable protection for horses & dogs. WeatherBeeta is a pioneer in the industry being one of the first to use synthetic material in horse blankets and dog coats. WeatherBeeta’s experience, technology, design and quality have made us a global brand that horse and dog owners love and trust.", quoted from their website. Click here to see their fabulous products
We can't thank #WeatherBetta and A Home For Every Horse (#AHFEH) program enough for this wonderful gift. We are a small rescue in the very rural part of the White Mountains in northeastern Arizona at an elevation of 5730 feet, more than a mile high, so getting these in time for this cold, wet winter storm makes for a fabulous holiday gift and a true blessing for our horses.

Your support is so greatly appreciated, we simply can't thank you enough!

Monday, December 2, 2019

$5000 Matching Funds Pledge for #GivingTuesday

It s giving tuesday
We are so excited to have a private donor pledge up to $5000 in matching funds. What does that mean? For every dollar you donate, the private donor will make an equal donation basically doubling your donation.
On this #GivingTuesday we know that so many great charities are asking for needed funds and we hope that if you participate you consider helping our mission of providing loving care for equines in need with a donation. We are 100% volunteer run organization with no paid staff or employees so your donations go farther and assist more horses, donkeys and minis. With this $5000 matching funds pledge, it will go even farther.
We currently have 38 equines having their needs met because you care.
Starting now tax deductible donations using debit and credit cards, PayPal and Venmo can be made by clicking the button below. Checks can be sent to Equine WellBeing Rescue, 8369 Buckskin Trail, Snowflake, AZ 85937
Your friendship and support means so much to each and every one of us and to all the equines we are able to help. You make a difference in their lives!

Your support is so greatly appreciated, we simply can't thank you enough!

Sunday, December 1, 2019

16 minis 'in need' arrive from Michigan

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16 minis collage
A few months ago we were contacted by Tia at Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue in MI to see if we would be able to assist with a large dispersal of over 50 mini horses and donkeys whose owner became ill and new homes needed to be found.
In October after several horses and donkeys here were adopted and the unexpected $2000 donation by long-time friend, supporter and equine practitioner, Poppy Phillips, we felt we were finally able assist the minis in MI.
Hidden Brook Eq Transport
We originally discussed bringing 10 to the rescue, our hauler, Paul Brookhart, Hidden Brook Equine Transportation said he could fit up to 18 in his 40 foot rig and as a hauler through Fleet of Angels, he offered us a discounted rate of to fill his trailer and bring them over 1800 miles to the rescue. Sue the owner of M&MS Farms decided to send 16 to us so they were dubbed the SWEET 16 MI Minis. Fundraising to cover all the costs began.
Elaine Nash, founder of Fleet of Angels, offered a "Matching Funds" donation as did Jen Reed at Best Friends Animal Society in UT. Additionally, Best Friends offered to cover the vet costs of the coggins and health certificates needed for travel. With the offer of matching funds we were able to raise the cost of transport and initial care of the Sweet 16. They arrived on November 19th.
Today, after 2 snow storms we were finally able to give them each new breakaway halters and microchips (excuse the mud in the pictures it is really wet out today). Purple halters are girls, black are the castrated males and red are the intact males. Please meet the SWEET 16:
20191201 Banjo Man
20191201 Carmen
20191201 Cherish
20191201 Cierra
20191201 Cocoa Cola
20191201 Cumari
20191201 Dealer
20191201 Dream Maker
20191201 Fable
20191201 legacy
20191201 Milagro
20191201 Prima Donna
20191201 Sonserray
20191201 Starbuck
20191201 streaker
Fundraiers Collage
We also would like to thank artist Marty Bowers who donated one of her matted and framed prints that was auctioned and Mari Lenton for being the winning bidder.
Additionally Marty will be adopting Starbuck the adorable older, intact mini donkey as a companion for her older intact standard sized jack donkey. The two old men will be best friends in no time.
For anyone interested in adoption or foster of any of the minis please respond to this email and we can send you an application with details. Adoption fee is $400 each.
This has been a wonderful team effort involving fellow rescues, donors offering matching funds, donors matching those funds, a fabulous equine hauler and many others who shared the need and prayed for safe travels. We are humbled by the efforts of all to help Sue at M&MS Farms with 16 of her beloved equines so they are now in a wonderful place where she doesn't need to worry about their future.

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Turning Point Donkey Rescue, whom we have partnered with since 2016,
(aka TPDR and/or the rescue) is a Michigan based non-profit organization
dedicated to the health and welfare of miniature, standard and mammoth donkeys. www.turningpointedonkeyrescue.com
Fleet of Angels is an organization that offers a network of haulers, layover and quarantine facilities and other providers who will offer discounts to rescues for at-risk equines. Additionally, they offer Disaster Response and Emergency Event Management. In 2017 they were oversaw the dispersal of over 900 equines from a law enforcement neglect situation in South Dakota. EqWBR received 5 of the equines during that rescue emergency. www.fleetofangels.org
Best Friends Animal Society is a no-kill animal sanctuary in Kanab,UT that has been helping animals since 1984. Best Friends is recognized as a leader in all aspects of animal care and rescue, with practices and innovations that are leading the way in animal care nationwide. www.bestfriends.org

Monday, November 11, 2019

Check out our new website!!!!

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New Website Home page
After many weeks of input and edits our new website is finally LIVE!!! This new design should make it easier for people to read our website both on their SmartPhone and desktop.
Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think!

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine