Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fresh Coffee in the Morning...

Hi to all,

I wanted to send an update on Coffee and pictures of his first day with Cheryl, Hanna and

Like I said yesterday it was a rainy blustery day and while today is still blustery, the sun has been out and I haven't seen a rain drop yet. Perfect weather to spend out with the horses and the proof is in the smiles on Cheryl, Coffee, Hanna and even Rocky's faces (really look, the horses are smiling too).

It's tough on a horse to live by himself, even with people who love you around. It just isn't the same as having that ever present horse friend right there with you all day and night. How great do these two guys have it? Two beautiful women dotting all over them. Well, what horse could ask for more.

I asked Cheryl how Coffee was doing today and she let me know that they put the two horses together shortly after I left yesterday and within a short period of time Coffee was rubbing his face on Rocky's back. Mutual grooming -- one of the best aspects of herd living.

While Coffee does fine in a larger herd environment, though he tends to be lower on the pecking order, he doesn't have that concern when there are just the two of them. Cheryl said he settled right in and they were able to completely brush, fly spray and fancy him up with a fly mask. You really should have sun glasses on when you are out in the sun.....

So here is a shot of Coffee - neat!

He sure cleans up pretty....Do you see the amazing dun striping off his neck, shoulders and dorsal stripe? What a beauty!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Brand of Coffee at the Dollick Home....

In between rain showers we got the break needed to bring Coffee to his new foster family in Ramona. ha, ha, ha... a Coffee break!

All of us looking like drowned rats, couldn't have been happier than to have this sweet horse meet his new family. It was blustery out with a hard wind, cold temps and rain, but so worth it for the smiles on the family's faces when our trailer pulled in the yard.

One of my long time dentistry clients, Cheryl was recently over at our ranch and I told her about Coffee and she immediately said "I would love to have him as a foster companion for Rocky", her late teenage quarter horse. I spoke to his sponsors, Dawn and Clint, and it was agreed that it was a wonderful situation since Cheryl hadn't wanted another riding horse, but one to keep her riding horse company while we continue to look for a permanent situation for Coffee.

Rocky was glad to see another horse at the house too... While they are in separate enclosure till they get used to each other, Rocky made no bones about the fact that he wanted to get to know Coffee better. Rocky was frolicking around as if to say "come play with me". Poor Rocky hasn't had a herd mate for almost a year...

Hanna was excited to finally have a once wild, but now very tame and loving, mustang at her house. Most kids (and many adults) dream of one day having a wild mustang and now that dream has come true, at least for a while . Like his other Carter Reservoir herd mates, Coffee has a very calm demeanor and loving nature. Hanna put her hand under his nose so he could sniff and he licked her hand like a dog - a sweet way to get introduced.

It is nice of people to step up to help while we are trying to find a permanent placement for Coffee. In the meantime he will continue to get daily love and attention he so deserves.

Details about Coffee and his past can be found on his page at

It has been a BEAUTIFUL Day!