Saturday, September 29, 2018

Wild Horse drought relief efforts come to an end

20180902 Removing last troughs

Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer for most, for us it was the end of our efforts to provide water during the drought for wild horse and other animals. This was a summer that will never be forgotten. In the midst of providing life saving water to these beautiful creatures many new relationships and friendships were created. 

I just wanted to give a quick summary of Equine WellBeing Rescues efforts that spanned two Indian reservations and a national forest, many boots on the ground, supporters donating funds and two corporations, Torreon Golf Course and the corporate offices of Tractor Supply Company, A Home For Every Horse Sponsor, and the wonderful folks we worked with in the Lakside Ranger District of the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest (LD-ASNF), Navajo County and the White Mountain Apache Tribe (WMAT).
20180517 101116

May 17, 2018, we delivered the first three of six troughs that were loaned to the folks delivering water to the wild horses south of Heber-Overgaard, AZ in the Black Mesa District of the Apache Sitgreaves National forest.

EqWBR troughs held a daily water capacity of 2100 gallons. We also sent checks for $120 for fuel to each of the five permitted drivers delivering water to those and troughs provided by others in that area during the forest closure. Those local residents were helping the wild horses before we even knew of the need.
20180618 Lynn Pace water truk

In the Lakeside Ranger District of the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest in the Show Low, AZ area we provided 9 large troughs with a daily water capacity of 2600 gallons and with funds raised we paid Lynn Pace of White Mountain Water Hauling to fill the tanks every 4 days or more often if needed.

Lynn rearranged her extremely busy schedule to meet the very limited time frame of the special permit needed to access the forest troughs during the forest closure to the public. We simply cannot express our thanks to her for all she did to help and how glad we are for the wonderful friendship we now have.
Funds for fuel offered to the people with permits in the LD-ASNF to check the troughs daily while the forest was closed were declined.
20180618 Torreon Troughs
20180627 Horses approaching trough for water

On June 26, 2018, a group of horses dehydrated horses were noticed by Leslie and her husband on the White Mountain Apache Tribe side of the fence. With the permission of the proper authorities we immediately provided water for that small band of wild horses. Daily water capacity of those troughs was 600 gallons and the loan of a 500 gallon water tank and the use of the Griffin's truck, EqWBR was able to provide the water needed there till troughs were removed September 2nd.
20180726 164345

In June there was a group effort of several equine rescues to help horses in the Gray Mountain, Cameron area of the Navajo Indian Reservation. We sent funds to purchase a 300 gallon water trough which still remains in the area for those horses in need of water.

So in summary 18 troughs were made available to provide life saving water for wild horses and other animals during the drought in the mentioned areas. 11 troughs were purchased with donations from followers and Torreon residents, a gift card from corporate headquarters of Tractor Supply Co (A Home For Every Horse Program sponsor) and a donation from Torreon Golf Course at a cost of $2819.98, 4 troughs were donated by local supporters and 3 troughs were taken from the rescue and placed where needed. Additionally a 500 gallon water tank was loaned to the rescue to haul water where needed. Total daily fresh water capacity for wild horses and other animals throughout all areas was 5300 gallons.
20180705 Poster Water for Wild horses sml px

Huge thanks to everyone who donated troughs, raised and donated funds, were boots on the ground, hauled water, said prayers or shared the need. SO many people working together made the difference.

We would like to say a special thank you to Leslie Brucker for her many, many hours spearheading our efforts, coordinating water needed and taking so many of the wonderful photos that show this huge EqWBR team effort that spanned 108 days during the heat of summer and saved the lives of many wild horses and other animals suffering from the extreme drought of 2018 in the White Mountains of Arizona.
This has been a summer to remember and we are prepared if needed for 2019!

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Thursday, September 6, 2018

EqWBR now earns Fry's Stores Community Rewards

Frys Logo jpg

Dear Equine Well Being Rescue followers,
Congratulations, Equine WellBeing Rescue is now an approved charity for the Fry's Community Rewards Program. If you shop at Fry's Grocery Stores or use one of the many gas stations where their card earns rewards, you may begin enrolling upon receipt of this email and start earning donations for EqWBR.
EqWBR has been assigned NPO (Non-Profit Organization) number CD652.
To Use the Fry's Community Rewards Program click this link:
Community Rewards sign up pic

As shown in the picture, you can create an account if you don't already have one and if you do have one, just click the enroll now and search for CD652 or by name Equine Well Being Rescue, INC. and then click Enroll.
REMEMBER, purchases will not count for EqWBR until after participants register their rewards card.
Participants must swipe their registered Fry's rewards card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Fry's rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count.
Thank you!
Fry's Community Rewards Department & Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc.

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine