Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mini studs need surgery..NOW!!!!

These spunky little studs need to be fixed!

After seeing the boys fighting this week I contacted the vet and he is able to come tomorrow and raise their IQ via castration.
I know boys like to play and even geldings play, but these two were being too rough and they are now separated till post surgery.

Spanky came to us after being rescued by the group at Baker Ranch Equine Rescue in Ramona from an auction in southern California.
Jen's fans raised the funds to buy this mini mule (or hinny) and get him to BRER. Knowing we have mini mules, Jen asked if we could make room for him to be with ours and he was able to make the trip last week.

In March, 2017 we were able to save Woody and 5 other mini mules from a killpen in Bastrop, LA.
After quarantine in TX, they headed to the rescue where we have been treating them for malnourishment, worms and dealing with their other health care needs. Four have been adopted, but not Woody because he is still intact and really needs this surgery before being adopted.

We are lucky that the vet can come out tomorrow to do the surgery so both boys can heal before the flies get bad and to make them more handleable, which in turn makes them more adoptable.
We need $425 to cover the castration, meds and badly needed hoof trims for the minis. Can you help us with a donation?

In addition to the boys, we have one little female mini mule who I have named Peony after my favorite flower. She will be staying with us a little longer because she has a birth defect, her lower jaw sticks out farther than her upper jaw, what is called an underbite or underjet, that requires ongoing dental work and she is still not up to a good weight yet.

Peony has never been handled, nor have the boys, but I try to spend time with each of them every day. Right now they still won't let us approach them, but they are getting better about coming to me to get a treat from my hand.
Slowly but surely we will get them comfortable with people and their health to what it should be. More weight, shinny coats, trimmed feet and continued TLC are in their future.
Your continued support has allowed us to save their lives and will help us provide the food and health care they need...along with the other 11 horses, 3 donkeys, 2 mini donkeys at the ranch for the total of 19 we currently have at the ranch.
I love to get your replies from our emails, they brighten my day in so many ways and please don't ever hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.
Thank you all so very much!