Thursday, December 28, 2017

Rescue Update and Love to Journie

Circle J Stock Trailer

There are many great charities that help in wonderful ways and at the end of the year people want to make those last minute donations for tax purposes. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to us when making your choices.
Right now we have a special purpose in mind. For over 10 years we have relied on borrowing a trailer. With a special donation we received this month and the additional amount we hope to raise by year end we will be able to purchase the trailer above, our goal is to raise at least $1500.
From mid September till now Naomi, Amore' & Tanner, Little, Millie & Walker, Blue & 2J, Atlas & Timothy, Sig & Elizabeth, Peony & Woody, mini donkey Brandy, Sam & Elliott, Prince William and Hank (Spanky) have all gone to their new homes...most needing us to use a trailer to transport them.
Just think of how your donation can help us continue our mission and help so many horses, donkeys and minis!

I also want to take a moment to celebrate Missy's one year anniversary at the rescue. She arrived with a body condition score 2 of 9, emaciated. She is thriving and enjoying her retirement with the other oldsters at the rescue.
20171227 Missy one year later sml pix
20171125 Nuna Sumara

November 16th, Sumara and Nuna joined Peyton, Caleb and Thumper who were also rescued from the ISPMB (Intl Society for Protection of Mustangs & Burros) in South Dakota after horses were impounded by local law enforcement. These two mares have spent little time around humans and will get training this spring after settling in.
2017-12-06 CC left side at Jills

December 5th, CC Bloom rejoined the rescue as is currently being fostered by Jill O'Shea and her family while we find a wonderful adoptive home for her. We had her teeth and bodywork done and Jill had her feet done. We can't thank the O'Shea family enough for fostering her during this process.
20171206 133534

Also on December 5th, I drove through rain and snow into the very, very rural community along Blue River to bring Pancho to live a the rescue. In his mid-twenties, his owners were unable to keep him any longer and with no other livestock he was lonely. He fits right in here and is such a love bug.
14947661 10202266201092474 517042429883566345 n
Journie 2011 -filly A

Sadly on Dec. 22nd, we had to say goodbye to Journie. She arrived at EqWBR in January of 2012, one of many orphaned foals rescued by Debra Hawk in 2011. She was adopted by Allie who took such wonderful care and loved her with all her heart. At age three it was discovered she had ring bone in her left hind foot, probably caused by an injury as a foal and could not be ridden until the bones fused.
Journie came back to the rescue in 2016. She was put on pain meds and we hoped the pastern bones would still fuse.This fall her lameness worsened so we had more xrays taken. It was clear the bones would not fuse and surgery was not an option because there was too much arthritis.
20161102 taking a nap

We doubled her pain meds, but the cold winter weather made it clear she was in tremendous pain and her quality of life had gone done hill quickly. She spent too much time laying down to take the weight off her foot and became very nervous. As pray animals horses get fearful when they can no longer escape a possible predator quickly or easily and never truly relax or sleep well, and she had difficulty getting up once down for a while. We made her final months as happy as we could with lots of love and extra special care.
2017-4 Journie

Our hearts are broken with her loss. She was such a beautiful, vibrant and loving mare. These decisions are so very difficult and after losing our two older dogs and my father this fall, her loss at Christmastime has hit us hard.
Run in paradise beautiful from all pain and fear. Your beauty will always be in our hearts and memories. Please watch over us, Allie and her family....we all loved you very deeply!
Grateful thanks for your continued support in helping us care for these beloved creatures.
Through great times and tough times we appreciate and treasure you!
Equine WellBeing Rescue
Dont cry for me

Equine WellBeing Rescue is a 501c3 Public Charity and 100% volunteer organization providing loving care for equine in need. Help us save and care for more lives with your tax-deductible donation by clicking the donate button up above.
Thank you so very much.

Christmas message for you.

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20171224 steel merry xmas 2
Steel wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

As I sit here and write this short message to you, it is 62 degrees outside on this warm and sunny Christmas Eve day in Snowflake, Arizona.
My wish for you is as warm as the sun shining down on the horses and donkeys at the rescue and making us all feel good.
Many blessing to you and your family on this Christmas Day weekend. I hope through the holidays you find your inner joy and moments of happiness even if there are worries in your life right now. May whoever is feeling weak be given strength. May all who have heavy burdens have your load lightened. May all who need miracles find them.
May you be blessed as richly as you have blessed us!!!!
With love and appreciation,
Lary & Christine Griffin
Equine WellBeing Rescue
Peace on Earth

Equine WellBeing Rescue is a 501c3 Public Charity and 100% volunteer organization providing loving care for equine in need. Help us save and care for more lives with your tax-deductible donation by clicking the button below.
Thank you so very much.

#Giving Tuesday - Thank you for all you have given us.

20170706 Steel sleeping sml pxl
On this #GivingTuesday we want to give THANKS to you.
Giving comes in so many forms, volunteering to care for the animals, help with projects and tasks needed to keep the rescue safe, clean and maintained. Giving homes to our equine by fostering and adopting these beloved creatures. Donating items for our fundraising auctions or to be used here at the rescue. Your support through sharing about us with your friends and family, your wonderful, heartfelt prayers and deeply appreciated donations.
YOU do so much and as a 100% volunteer rescue, everyone's efforts togetherhave saved and changed the lives of so many horses, donkeys, mules, mini mules and mini donkeys who through no fault of their own found themselves in situations where they needed to be rescued, rehabilitated, nursed, trained and showed love they many never have received. What you do makes all the difference to each and everyone one of the fur babies we help throughout the year.

Fall FUNdraising auction.

I don't know where the time has gone, the summer sped by and now we are well into fall. The last few months have been tough, we lost our older Chihuahua named Chica in August, my dad passed away on October 10th, then our older cattledog named Tanquerey had a massive stroke and we lost her two weeks ago. I was so blessed to have been able to spend two weeks in California with my dad before he passed, precious moments I am so thankful for. Needless to say, I am behind on my emails and for that I am sorry.
We are holding our fall online fundraiser which is on ourEquine WellBeing Rescue Facebook Page we have over 100 fabulous items to choose from donated by so many wonderful people. To see all the wonderful items in our fundraiser, just click this link:Online Auction FUNdraiser and you will be directed to an album with all the fun prizes, some with initial bids as low as $1.
The bidding will end on Monday, November 13th at noon our time (MST in Snowflake AZ). This is a fun way to get some nice treasures and help us with funds to purchase our winter hay for the 23 horses, donkeys and minis we have at the rescue.
Please let your friend know about our fundraiser too by forwarding this email so they can follow the links to the auction. Every little bit helps us help the fur babies.
For all who have served in the military, happy Veterans day and thank you so much for your service. Many blessings to you!!!!
Thank you so very, very much!!!!
Thank you donkey

Steel, a new born foal and other updates

It seems like the time is slipping by too quickly and I don't get emails out as often as I would like but we have accomplished a lot already this year and I wanted to share some of what we have been doing with you.
We received notification today from Great Nonprofits that we have won a spot on the 2017 Top-Rated List! We are the only non-profit of any kind in the White Mountains of AZ to achieve this award...such an honor.
Flyer version 2
Hope's Legacy Equine Emergency Food Fund has assisted 10 families in tough situations who needed help to feed their animals already this year.
By providing food for 20 horses, 2 donkeys and 1 mule we have helped them all through a tough time. 1 horse and 1 donkey also came to live at the rescue.
Little getting a catheter for IV fluids
In June, 12 miniature donkeys arrived from Texas all needing treatment for pneumonia, six of them needing extensive nursing care for many weeks.
With the efforts of so many wonderful volunteers and our vet we were able to save all but sweet Blossom who was just too sick on arrival to overcome the pneumonia. Her loss broke our hearts.
20170716 5am
Steel on his birthday!
July 16th a new addition to the rescue arrived as Brandy gave birth to an amazingly healthy little boy. We named him Steel because of his dark gray coloring and he will steal your heart.
He has grown so much he is already bigger than Little, the youngest of the mini's who was so sick. He is now 8 weeks old and she is six months old.
We have taken in 30 equine so far this year, 7 horses, 2 mules, 7 mini mules, 12 mini donkeys and 2 standard donkeys and 19 of them have new homes. 3 mini mules, 2 mini donkeys and 3 standard donkeys are currently available for adoption or foster.
After a two year effort and with the help of some wonderful people we were able to rejoin 3 mustangs that we helped with in 2009. The three had been separated when their adopter became ill and passed away in 2015 and this Labor Day weekend we made the long trip to reunited Gypsy with Shelby and Smudge at a private ranch in Colorado where they can live out their lives together. Such a huge dream come true.
21752713 1501619849932840 6528095056811481515 o
Four of our equine went into training this month. Spanky, the mini mule who arrived in June, and Thumper, one of the three that came from South Dakota last year are with a local trainer.
Dove, who was rescued in 2015, emaciated with a foal at her side and Prince William are with our friend and trainer, Aliki Otey in Queen Creek.
Training is essential to helping equine find good adoptive homes and the bill this month alone is $2100 and if they are to continue training your donations can make all the difference for each and every one of them so please consider making a donation to assist with the high costs of training.
20170731 122657
A joint rescue effort, Mr G arrived the end of July after spending 10 days at Reata Equine Hospital in Weatherford, TX, where upon his arrival he weighed in at 732 pounds. At 15.1 hands tall he should weigh at least 1000 pounds.
This beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse is now in our refeeding program and has put on more than 120 pounds since his arrival. The hospital bill and transport costs to us was over $1500 and any financial assistance for him is greatly appreciated.

Heaven has a new angel.

1-62 Autumn sml pxl
The grand dam, Autumn has been the lead mare in the youngsters pasture for four years. While in her mid 20's and gimpy from an old injury to her right front leg, she made sure those younger knew she was in charge.
Rescued from Riverside Animal Control in Sept. 2013, she spent six weeks at Baker Ranch Equine Rescue then joined the herd here in Snowflake. She blossomed in to a buxom beauty with beautiful curves but still suffered from past treatment being remaining a little head shy.
The old injury to her fetlock, calcification in the joint and very limited movement, she has been on pain meds for several years in our effort to help her comfort. This past winter was a little tough with her arthritis and we found her sleeping in the warm sun rather than coming in to eat many days but the warmer weather this summer has been her friend.
Earlier this month her injured fetlock started to abscess with infection. After the first round of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, pain meds, poultices, essential oils and herbs, we thought she was on the mend. But a few days without the drugs the infection reared its ugly head again and has not gone away.
The calcification in her fetlock has shattered within her fetlock causing the infection and further treatment would require extensive surgery, painful rehab and no guarantee of complete healing. Colder weather just months away would be hard too. After compensating for her wounded leg for years, her other legs have arthritis and her old bones hate the cold.
With her head cradled in my arms for comfort and tears in my eyes we released forever from her pain today. This tough broad touched my heart so deeply...we had so much in common and I marveled at her strength and tenacity. She honored us with her love and I can only hope she will watch over us from heaven.
Lord please welcome our boss mare into your loving arms. We love you SO much Autumn......I will miss you with all my heart!
IMG 0040

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th from all of us at Equine WellBeing Rescue.
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Thank you Janie Neil for this patriotic photo of Peyton.