Monday, August 13, 2018

Can you help Ruby Rose get to Snowflake???

20180813 Ruby Rose at Karen Ayres low pixels
20180606 Ruby Rose Coggins picture left side
6-6-18 picture for Coggins paperwork
On June 6th, we got possession of Ruby Rose, Techie and BamBam from HiCaliber Horse Rescue in southern California. Even though they were still at their ranch we then became responsible for their expenses.
When drawing blood for Coggins and Health Certificates for their transport to Snowflake we learned that Ruby Rose was running a high fever and not given clearance by the vet for transport to us.
20180606 Ruby Rose Coggins picture right side
6-6-18 Picture for Coggins
We had blood pulled and some of her counts were outside normal limits but the vet wanted to see if she would break the fever on her own and she was not given Banamine. After 3 days the vet went back out and she was still running a fever so he gave her a shot of Excede and Banamine.
20180610 Ruby Rose at SCEH
On the 4th day our board member, Karen Ayres and friend, Jeff, drove to HiCaliber, picked her up and took her straight to So Cal Equine Hospital in Norco . Ruby Rose immediately had several tests run to rule out pneumonia, strangles and various contagious viruses that may be causing the fever.
While Ruby Rose was hospitalized we transported Techie and BamBam to Arizona. Techie first went to our trainer, Aliki Otey, in Queen Creek and BamBam came up to the rescue in Snowflake.
20180610 Ruby Rose body condition
6-10-18 Ruby Rose at So Cal Equine Hospital
20180615 at Karens
First day at Karen's 6-15-18
After spending four days in the hospital Ruby Rose was released with antibiotics and a treatment plan to implement overtime since she was so underweight. Still unable to travel to Snowflake, Ruby Rose went to Karen's for rehab and weight gain as we worked with the vets on her care plan.
We simply can't thank Karen enough for all the time, love and care she has given Ruby Rose. Life saving care.
As she gained weight deworming, vaccines, dentistry were done along with treatment for a fungus on her back, Previcox for her lameness and some corrective trimming. As you can see from our 60 day comparison at the top of this message and the picture below, she is looking SO much better and she is now well enough to travel to the rescue. (picture below taken 8-13-18 by Karen Ayres).
20180813 Ruby
8-13-18 Ruby Rose 
Luckily we are able to get her on a night-time transport to avoid day-time desert heat between So Cal and Snowflake the end of this week. Her arrival means she finally gets to retire from whatever her life's jobs were and just enjoy each day. She will continue her previcox and we will reassess any ongoing needs after she settles in.
Please help us with a donation for her transport which is $500 or her other feed and health care needs. So far vet charges and meds have been $1583. We did receive a $400 grant from Saving Baby Equine Charity to cover some of the diagnostic testing and Karen paid for the dental, hoof trims, deworming while being fostering Ruby Rose at her ranch, transport to the hospital and some hospital costs, but there are still many uncovered costs and needs going forward.
Any amount will be helpful because we also recently spent $750 on xrays from Desert Mountain Equine for Techie who has been diagnosed with OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans) having bone fragments in two fetlocks. Dr Meyer recommended he be laid up for at least a year and monitored for lameness issues before he has any additional training.
He was transported the rescue in Snowflake July 31st and is now hanging out with BamBam in the big pasture with Peyton and the girls.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated while we provide for these three horses that desperately needed and still need our help getting healthy.
Thank you all so very much from all of us at EqWBR!!!!
Founder & President