Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Today is Arizona's Day of Giving

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Today is Arizona Gives day the annual fundraising day for charities in Arizona. For those who can participate with a financial donation you will help us provide for 26 equines here at the rescue, 2 in training and others daily asking for help we appreciate it so very much.
In these uncertain times here is what we would also like you to give:
Give someone a call who is closed in and struggling with circumstances,
Give an email to your friends letting them know they are on your mind,
Give a thank you to those essential workers that you see if you have to run errands for they are on the front lines and risk exposure to be there so you can get what you need,
Give patience to things that take a little longer because so many things are on hold to keep us safe,
Give prayers to those who are sick with cancer, dementia, any illness not just C19 and for those who have lost a loved one and cannot congregate to celebrate their life and to those health care workers caring for all who are sick and worried they or their family may become sick too,
Give yourself the time to just sit, breathe and look for all that is good in your life.
And we have something to give you.....we Give you love, prayers and thanks for helping us in all the ways you do.
And if you have extra....Give someone who needs it toilet paper!
Much love to you all from everyone at EqWBR.

Your support is so greatly appreciated, we simply can't thank you enough!

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