Friday, June 28, 2019

Celebrating Sydney's first birthday!!!!!

20180627 Momma and Sydney
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It has been a year since we rescued this little foal and her mom, and brought water and troughs to this small herd of horses in desperate need during last years exceptional drought. Steve and Leslie Brucker saw this small band of horses on the White Mountain Apache tribal side of the fence line along the national forest, where the wild horses in the Lakeside Ranger district had been receiving trucked in water by us for a few weeks. They contacted us and together we went in to action to save this little herd.
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Priority number one was to bring them all water and then to rescue this sweet foal and her very sick mother. This is Sydney watching over her mother who was too exhausted at that point to stand.

With great effort a small group of us were able to load both Syndey and her mother into a horse trailer and bring them to the rescue. Sadly Momma's body was already shutting down and there was nothing we could do to save her. At least Sydney was not left in the forest at just a few weeks of age without her mother and trying to survive on her own.
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This is a recent picture of Sydney growing up happy and healthy at the rescue. We chose the anniversary of her rescue to be her birthday...the start of a new life filled with love and lots of TLC.

To help us celebrate and in an effort to help us provide for all the equine at the rescue, An anonymous donor has offered $500 in matching funds for donations to the rescue. We can't thank everyone enough who already sent us a donation for the four neglected horses we rescued this month and the Feller's donation was offered with this challenge to hopefully double their donation and help defray the medical expenses of the four neglected horses and feed and care for the rest here at the rescue.
Update on Rocky the stallion...he was castrated on 6/21/19 and is recovering well at our fellow rescue Healing Hearts Animal Rescue in Cave Creek (who we work closely with on many rescues. They are providing the space and hands-on help and we are paying all expenses till he is recovered from his surgery and can be moved to the rescue. Kix has started Microcurrent therapy by Rebecca at Simply Equine Co and he will be getting treatments twice a week in addition to the massage therapy I am doing daily. Jenna at Hope Botanicals has sent us 16 day supply of CDB horse pellets to see if that will also help . We are hoping, praying that we may see some positive change for him in the next few weeks.
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If you would like to help us celebrate Sydney's first birthday and raise funds to help with all the equine by making a donation to meet the Feller's matching funds challenge, just click the button below and meet their challenge.

We appreciate all you do to help in so many ways.
Happy, Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Monday, June 24, 2019

So hard to write this...four horses in extreme need.

20190531 Midnight sent by Robin
This is one of the hardest messages I have ever had to write. Even finding the words has been tearful, maddening, frustrating and emotional. We were sent several messages on 5/31/19 as we were driving to Scottsdale to pick up 2 horses (one adopted from us) that are staying with us for a few weeks before transport to their new home.
The messages said there were four horses whose owner has not been able to feed them properly for over a year, one with long hooves that can no longer get around, all are very there any way we could take them? Above was the first picture sent to me of the four horses. Below is a 20-25 year old gelding, the same horse picked up the very next day and taken straight to one of our vets in the valley. "Unable to walk, emaciated, most severe state of neglect witnessed by DVM personally.", "advanced state of suffering", Recommend to Euthanize based on quality of life was grave." Quotes directly from the vet records.
20190601 Midnight right side
20190601 Midnight front feet
20190601 Cody left side
This is a 20-25 year old mare, picked up the same morning with the gelding and also taken directly to the vet. Two trailers were used to give both horses room in case they were unable to stand the short drive to the vets office.
"Uncomfortable at a walk", "Weak", "Emaciated, laminitic. Horse is in an advanced state of suffering" Diagnostics showed coffin bone rotation and very thin soles, she was in pain standing or walking. "Recommend to Euthanize based on humane reasons" are some of the notes in the vet records.
With tears of all who were there, these two sweet souls were released from their pain only hours after being rescued. To realize there is nothing else that can be done is devastating. The helplessness felt over their condition, your minds asks and tries to reason, "how could someone let this happen?". The grief is palpable.
20190619 Rocky Head shot
But two more still needed to be rescued. Having seen them and knowing they were in better shape, our friends/volunteers doing the transport were able to pick them up the following day, a Sunday, so they were each taken to a foster home where they could be assessed and vet appointments made as needed. The owner never even asked what happened to the gelding and mare.
This is the 15 year old stallion who needed special accommodations away from any mares after pasture breeding for many years. He was in the best condition of all, but still underweight with over long feet with a high worm load.
He was castrated this week after going to our fellow rescue, Healing Hearts Animal Rescue in Cave Creek who is caring for him for us during his surgery and recovery during the next week or two. He will then need to be transported to us and kept in a separate enclosure with no access to mares through his entire recovery. He is rideable when ready will be available for adoption.
20190602 Rocky left side
20190621 head shot
The last of the four is this pretty paint gelding said to be 8 years old, but his teeth look like he is much older. This sweet guy came up to the rescue this week after the same vet saw him and extensive diagnostics were done.
Sadly he is riddled with osteoarthritis in both his hind legs and pelvis/hip area and his conformation makes it so he stands with his hind legs underneath his belly rather than straight up in the back as they should.
20190624 feet camped under while he eats
20190624 spinal curvature
Because he stands with his hind legs under him, his spinal area has an upward curvature where it should be level, some refer to it as 'roach back' and he is lame on his right hind with fluid in his hock in addition to both hocks being fused. His pain level is so high that sedatives were needed to trim his feet.
Radiographs were done to see if he too was laminitic, but other than being over long, his front feet were ok. Blood tests showed anemia and fecal showed large tapeworm load. Both he and the stallion have been treated for large worm loads.
20190617 wobble walk
He wobbles on his hind end when he walks and his muscles are weak, the vet has recommended we try to strengthen them over 30 days to see if it helps or he continues the same level of pain. "The horse was difficult to work around as it rears and kicks when palpated. If PT cannot be completed to strengthen hind muscles either due to behavioral issues or if the horse becomes painful during a 30 trial or rehab than humane euthanasia is recommended." are what the vet notes state.
We have already unsuccessfully tried hydrotherapy using the equine swimming facility at Welcome Home Ranch in Gilbert, but he did not adapt well and they felt it was unsafe to continue therapy. Huge thank you to Johnny and Makenna for at least giving it a try for him. Last Friday Lary and I made the trip to the valley to bring him to the rescue where we hope daily walking and exercise may help those muscles. So far we have seen no improvement. He is underweight, but we have to be careful with weight gain which adds extra burden on joints and muscles. Lots of prayers are being said.
The woman who contacted me said, the owner contacted rescues but was told they were all full. I find that hard to believe if the same pictures shared with me were sent to them, or if she told them she could not feed nor provide any care.
We are full, but there is no way I could in good conscience say 'no' to horses in such condition so I contacted friends local to the horses in the Phoenix area to see if they could help us. Working with those caring folks we were able to get these horses from the owner over the next two days, to the vet who determined the extent of their neglect, do the needed diagnostics and follow the treatment plans prescribed. Many tears have been shed and so many sleepless nights worrying about these sweet souls. My mind just can't fathom this.
20190601 Cody full body
Looking at the sweet and sad face of the once beautiful palomino mare and knowing how these horses have all suffered for so long our hearts ache for them and I still wake at night unable to sleep wishing we could have done so much more, yet knowing we have done and are doing all we can.
How anyone could do this is beyond me. What is even worse is this person works at a feed store...unconscionable...there simply is NO excuse for such cruelty. We have been in contact with the authorities and pray there is some justice for these beautiful creatures but we know that takes time.
For now we need your help and we are asking for donations to help us cover the costs for these innocent horses. Current vet bills, transport cost, foster care, etc. total $3322.80 and we will have addition transport cost to bring the gelding to the ranch and more follow up vet costs. So we need to raise $4000. I realize this is a lot, but they were in desperate need and we needed to do what was/is right for them so any help you can give us will be so appreciated.
If you can help with a donation of ANY size just click the button and you can do so via PayPal, credit/debit card or by sending a check (instructions when you click the button.). Your kindness and generosity for them is uplifting in spirit and will make such a huge difference.
As we have updates we will share them. Keep the horses in your prayers, keep all who helped us with this rescue in your prayers as their hearts are aching too. We are so thankful for the selfless people who have helped us save these horses for they stepped up at a time of great need. Wonderful, wonderful people.

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine