Thursday, January 20, 2022

Thank you for accepting the Betty White Challenge!


Betty WHite Thank you

Betty must be so happy to see all the generosity shared by so many who donated to pet rescues across the world in honor of what would have been her 100th birthday, January 17, 2022. I suspect millions of dollars were raised world wide in this wonderful tribute to her.

We are deeply touched by your thoughtfulness and love for this beautiful woman and thank you all so very much for sharing that love with us. Over $2775.00 was donated so far and those funds will be put to such good use and they will enable us to help even more horses, donkeys, mules and minis.

Thank you Betty White for all you did throughout your lifetime to raise awareness of the needs of animals all over the world. You are so loved and will be greatly missed. What a special legacy.


Thank you all so very much!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Betty White's 100th Birthday Challenge


Betty White

Happy Birthday in heaven Betty!!!

You might have heard about the #BettyWhiteChallenge, a viral campaign urging Betty White fans and animal lovers across the nation to donate to shelters and rescues in honor of her 100th birthday on January 17th.

Betty was one of the biggest advocates for animals in need, so we invite you to be part of this campaign.

Together, we can help make Betty White's legacy live on. Please consider a donation on January 17th, to EqWBR to help us help horses, donkeys, mules and minis in need

Thank you Betty White for all you did throughout your lifetime to raise awareness of the needs of animals all over the world. You are so loved and will be greatly missed.


Thank you all so very much!

Friday, December 31, 2021

Josie & Jet new rescues & here's to 2022



Hi everyone,!!!

20211224 Joss

Late in the day on Christmas eve we got a call about 2 horses whose owner had been hospitalized in Tucson (4 hours away) and with no idea how long it would be before they would be able to return home.

They had no food or water and no one to feed them if there was. With snow on the ground and more on the way it was an urgent situation.

20211224 Jet

Our longtime friend Lynn knew these horses from delivering water to this off the grid place and said if we had room, she would go out in the winter storm and get them. What an angel to make the two hour round-trip drive, walk down a 1/4 mile driveway as darkness was falling to get these two to safety.

Christmas eve they were tucked in our barn out of the elements with plenty of food and fresh water. Meet Jet and Josie (formerly Joss), our 2 newest horses. Jet is only 2.5 years old and has a few injuries that we will have xrayed next week but otherwise both seem to be well and happy to be here.

Brandy says THANK YOU

Thanks to your love, support and generosity we have provided for 17 new horses and donkeys rescued, 8 horses, donkeys and minis returned for various reasons for a total of 25 intakes. 20 horses and donkeys have been adopted and 5 more are awaiting delivery to their new homes next week for a total of 25. We currently have 36 horses, donkeys and minis at the rescue of which 18 are sanctuary equine meaning they will live out their lives here and 2 are emaciation rehabs. Sadly six are angels watching over us in heaven and dearly missed.

20211230 Jet with Jessa

Yesterday we got a surprise visit from Jessa (blue coat) and her family who are visiting from the Phoenix area and wanted to come to the rescue to spend some time with the horses. They groomed Josie and Jet who loved every minute and when they were ready to leave Jessa shyly walked up to me and held out her hand...she donated her Christmas money to help the horses and donkeys in our care. What a tearful moment of holiday spirit.

Thank you also to Nancy for your donation in memory of Lillian W., Shannon and the Honor Health IT Beaker Team, Wills family and Savannah in honor of Lynda P., and Rosio on behalf of Child & Family Support Services Employees for your year end donations to support the rescue.

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of, or in someone's honor as we close 2021 just click the link below and let us know who is special to you.

We wish you many blessings in 2022. May it be a very good year!

Thank you always for being who you are!

Blessings for 2022

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Emergency Food Funds available for Equines


to starve because funds are so tight and the future uncertain.

2021 non-C19 EFF Flyer all AZ jPeg

Funds are now available for those in need in Arizona. This is a one time grant for feed or hay. Applicants must fill out our application form stating their need and other pertinent information, it will be reviewed and a site check done when warranted and one of our volunteers will follow up afterwards.

People can Click here for details/to apply

Hope 1-12-17 arrival at EqWBR

A little history, In 2017 we started Hope's Legacy Equine Emergency Food Fund after the starvation deaths of 2 local horses. Hope was only 5 years old yet was so thin she looked like she was in her 30's.

Through donations from local businesses, donors and this year a grant from the Doris Day Animal Foundation we have assisted 219 equines (and a few goats/piglets) from 45 families and two large groups of horses for a total of $9,857.13 since January of 2017.

A small portion of those funds were used to assist 3 equines whose health required humane euthanasia and the families wanted to do the right thing but needed financial assistance. In an effort to be sure those equines didn't suffer a day longer than necessary we assisted with limited funds.

86371075 2825010220927123 749875253789851648 o

Rimson, Buddie and all the horses, donkeys and minis at the rescue thank everyone who has donated so we can help local equines in need especially the Doris Day Animal Foundation who supported our efforts with a $10,000 grant.

HUGE thank you!

Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

2022 Calendars are here!!!!! Order now.



The response to our 2022 calendars has been outstanding. We have a few still available and they make wonderful holiday gifts while raising funds for the rescue at the same time. If you order by the 16th we can get them to you before Christmas.

If you would like to place an order for calendars just email us at,  with how many you would like and include your mailing address. We will let you know how much your total cost with shipping is and get them out as soon as possible.

20211010 Teddy

If you have any questions just give us a call at 760-703-4860.

Thank you all so very, very much!

Teddy, the general, and all of us at the rescue wish you a very


Giving Tuesday results and our newest rescue, Blue


Thank you from the boys

Rimson & Buddie say THANK YOU!

Hello, Everyone!

Before we talk about Blue, our newest rescue, we want to give everyone an update on the fundraising effort on GivingTuesday (November 30, 2021). We had a matching grant from The Maverick Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego in the amount of $5000!!!

THE GOOD NEWS IS WE MATCHED THAT IN DONATIONS....if fact we exceeded it. With the checks deposited today our total funds raised is $8,974, add the $5000 for a total of $13,974. Rimson & Buddie say THANK YOU.

Our goal was to match the grant so we could purchase a Bemer Horse Kit. It provides electromagnetic therapy to help increase blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, muscles and help promote healing or pain reduction for many, many ailments our equines have and you helped us reach that goal.


Bemer Therapy Blanket and leg wraps

On 12-3-21, King received the first Bemer treatment with OUR Bemer blanket and leg wraps. Cost to the rescue $5410.66, so the grant covered most of the expense for us to now have this wonderful therapy at our fingertips which will be a huge savings to the rescue over time. Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much!!!

20211205 head shot
20211207 Cindy Strong and Blue

Blue loves the scratches from our volunteer Cindy.

Several weeks ago I got a call about a local man who passed away needing homes for his horses and mules. On Sunday, 12-5-21, we transported Blue Boy, Blue, to the rescue. We were told he was underweight and needed his feet done and thankfully he was not as thin as King. He is thin weighing in at only 980 pounds, a good 120-200 pounds less than a horse his big size usually weighs.

How big is Blue?? His withers, top of the shoulders, is my total height, 64 inches. That makes him 16 hands tall in horse lingo. Most horses that size weigh 1100-1300 pounds so he has some weight to gain and he needs good nutrition which we can provide.

20211207 Blue and King

We now have two horses in our refeeding program and hopefully they will gain weight at the same speed. King is in the near stall and Blue behind. They get along well which is a true blessing.

King is getting 18 pounds of Purina Equine Senior feed a day and we are increasing Blue's senior feed daily till he gets that much also. They both get alfalfa which King can only eat the flowery part, his teeth cannot chew the stems. We will be doing King's teeth tomorrow, Friday, and Blue's in a few weeks after he has settled in and has put on a little weight.

King has gained almost 200 pounds since arriving on 10-26-21 and is doing so much better. This weight is so needed with winter weather here.

20211205 right side

Blue rescued 12-5-21

Blue and King look like brothers and we are glad that with your generosity we are able to provide the care that is needed for both to get healthy. They are very close to the same age with King about 25 and Blue we were told was 24 this year. We will keep you updated on both.

With good care they should each have many very good, very happy years to enjoy life.

You make this happen!!!!

At this holiday season we just can't express how blessed we are to be able to provide for the 36 horses, donkeys and minis at the rescue and live up to our name Equine "WellBeing" Rescue.


Last years winter storm of 2020-12-9

Tonight we have a winter storm coming in with winds currently gusting to 40 mph. We have the boys in the barn and will be bringing in the minis and blanketing our oldsters since they are saying we may get rain turning to snow. Hopefully it won't be much because I am not quite mentally ready for lots of snow like we got a year ago today.

We hope you stay warm and bundled if you are in the storms path.

If you would like to help during the holidays with a tax-deductible donation just click the button below and it will take you to our website's donation page with options for PayPal, Venmo, Debit/Credit cards, and instructions where to mail a check. We are 100% volunteer run charity so no funds go for salaries or wages which allows us to help more in need.

Thank you, thank you for helping us help the horses, donkeys and minis at the rescue and others in need.

Happy Holidays!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rimson & King. Can you help this #GivingTuesday?


20211129 out on a walk

Silver King out for a walk 11-29-21

Hello, Everyone!

King continues to do better every day. Since his arrival on 10-26-21, he has gained 168 pounds and we consider him half way to his goal weight 1,050 which we anticipate will take two more months.


Bemer Therapy Blanket and leg wraps

He started receiving therapy with a Bemer blanket and leg wraps on 11-11-21, as did several of the other horses. This electromagnetic blanket and wraps help increase the circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and tissues in his body to help him recover.

20211129 Rimson with Bemer blanket
20191129 Rimsons neck

Rimson has scars throughout his neck

Rimson is also receiving Bemer therapy. When he was attacked by a cougar at 6 days old he sustained horrendous injuries, bites to his neck. It is a miracle he survived. Those injuries have left him with huge scars and scar tissue that has required massage therapy weekly to prevent the scar tissue from adhering to the muscles as he grows. We can use the Bemer leg wraps on his neck to help alleviate that adhesion.

Giving Tuesday

This year again we are participating in GivingTuesday the international day of giving. The Maverick Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation-San Diego, will match up to $5000 in donations to help the rescue and we would like to use the funds raised to purchase the Bemer therapeutic equipment so we have our own to use anytime it is needed. The cost of the Horse-Set is $4990.00 so if we can match the entire amount it will be like getting the Bemer for free. Any donations from now through next week will count.

20211117 Hoover

Hoover, teenager with arthritis in his front legs

Hoover has high ringbone on his front legs (arthritis) so the increased circulation helps reduce some of his pain.

20211115 Trooper

Trooper, 21 yr old quarter horse

Trooper is being ridden again after three years of being a pasture pet and the Bemer helps relax his muscles after a training workout.

20211117 Sonny

Sonny had an abscess in his right front hoof. Before and now that the abscess has drained we helped relieve his pain with Bemer treatments.

We know there are SO MANY worthy charities all asking for funds on this #givingTuesday and we appreciate so much any funds you would consider donating to us. Since our last email we have received donations and are almost half-way to reaching our $5000 matching funds. We are hoping with your help we can reach our goal.

To make a tax-deductible donation just click the button below and it will take you to our website's donation page with options for PayPal, Venmo, Debit/Credit cards, and instructions where to mail a check.

Thank you, thank you for helping us help the horses, donkeys and minis at the rescue!!!!!