Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New life and new lives.....

As Raylan turns a month old we are still waiting for Caramel to foal.  Everyday the look on her face tells me she is ready but the foal is not.  In the meantime, she gets lots of massages and nutritious food to give her foal a healthy start to life.
Speaking of start to new life, a few months ago we committed to help two of the over 200 Dann Sisters yearlings pulled out of the wild and sold to a killbuyer with a chance at life. This week things have finally pulled together and we are another step closer to not only helping those two, but two more.   Three yearlings, Champ, Carter and Sierra and one two year old, CeCe, will soon start of their new lives with our help.
Carter yearling colt
CeCe, Champ and Carter will be going to approved fosters who will start their gentling, training and better prepare them for finding the perfect adoptive home.   Sierra will have a new home with one of our approved adopters right here in Snowflake.
Sierra yearling filly
All four are currently in Wells, Nevada at Northeastern Nevada Equine Rescue and today the vet was out and castrated Champ and Carter, pulled blood for the Coggins test needed for transport along with their health certificates and brand inspection.  While the vet was there he also vaccinated and dewormed the horses and they also had halters put on for safer transport which will be scheduled in the next few weeks.  

Donors helped with the original purchase from the killbuyer and the cost of feed and care during their quarantine over the last 8-10 weeks.   Today's veterinary expenses are $780, weekly hay is $37.50 and transport will be $600.  Donations are needed to help cover these costs so any amount you would like to donate to help us give these young ones a new life is greatly needed and appreciated.

Through your generous donations and support we have been able to help save these four lives and provide a new home for Kiotai, her foal Raylan and Caramel who is due to foal any day now.   Eight lives changed for the better these last few months thanks to you!

You can donate via PayPal by clicking this link PayPal or by mailing a check to 8369 Buckskin Trail, Snowflake, AZ 85937.  We are an IRS public charity so your donation is tax deductible.