Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jewel Needs Medical Care. Can You Help?

You met Jewel in our last email & Blog post.  We transported her to EqWBR on 10-5-14 and she came to us through a trainer in Prescott, AZ. Her hormones make her so over reactive to touch or sometimes even energy pressure that continued training was not feasible so we have stepped up to help. 

Jewel is a 10 year old Tennessee Walking horse whose registered name is "Im Somethin To Talk About" and a beautiful 'champagne' coloring.   She is so very sweet, she comes when I call her or sometimes as soon as she she's me she comes running.  She stays in the barn the entire time I am doing chores and has a curious nature watching everything I do.  
Upon her arrival we started her on ulcer medication which is precautionary because of the potential stress caused by leaving her life long home in Washington state in May and then time spent around new people and horses at the trainers.  We also started her on a herbal blend that helps many mares with mild hormonal issues.  

After much research, input from others with mares having similar problems and discussion with Dr. Christianson we sent blood to the lab to check her hormone levels which have come back within normal limits.  

The next step is to do an ultra sound to look for cysts or tumors on her ovaries and for any abnormalities in her reproductive organs.  

If we can get her hormone issue diagnosed and the appropriate treatment, she has every chance to live a normal, productive life of a horse.  She is already broke to ride so finding a good adoptive home will be in her future.  But to get to that point we need to go through these diagnostic processes and for those we need to raise funds.  

We have used over $300 so far with medicine, herbs & blood work and the ultra sound and treatment will cost at least that much and more.  Some of the options depending on the results of the ultra sound are hormone medicine called Regumate, remove cysts or tumors, insertion of a marble to stop her cycles and sometimes the only thing that works is spaying (removing the ovaries) and those will need to be done by a vet down in Phoenix.  

Her medical needs can't wait till after the holidays.  Any women who have lived through hormonal issues understand it is not something that can be put!   We are reaching out to everyone in hopes that you can help us raise these funds so we can get this sweet mare the medical care she needs now.  

If you can help with a donation of any size please mail a check to PO Box 2722, Snowflake, AZ  85937 or through PayPal using this link   CLICK TO DONATE VIA PayPal

We strive to provide the proper medical care for our horses and with your wonderful support we are able to help so many.  Thank you so very much! 

Wishing you all a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good news and updates on horses.

At the end of September we had a short visit from long time supporter Johanna who was driving through on her way home from an east coast vacation back to San Diego.  It was so fun to have her visit and see the horses and very sad that it was such a short visit.

October was such a busy month that it went by faster than I ever imagined.   So much news to share, so many updates.  More horses at the ranch, more horses finding new homes and a few other exciting things along the way.  In the midst of all that was going on we tiled our kitchen, made a weekend trip to San Diego and had our best friends came to visit for an extended weekend.

Meet Nikia who had been with us since 2011. She was adopted in early 2012 by a family in Ramona who recently had some personal issues requiring them to move and sadly not be able to take her.  As luck would have it we were in San Diego to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday, so we were able to bring her to Snowflake.  She is available for adoption to an approved home looking for a solid trail horse.  I rode Nikia myself until I got Leroy and she is a total pleasure.   For details contact me.

On the way home we swung through Prescott to Chino Valley, AZ to pick up a Tennessee Walking Horse mare that was networked as needing a home.  Meet Jewel a 10 year old amber champagne originally from Washington.   

She has hormonal issues that we are addressing with diagnostics and supplements. We started her treatment with ulcer meds and Mare Magic, a raspberry leaf supplement to help mare's with hormonal cycle issues and next week we will be doing a blood panel to determine if her hormone levels are off.  

Here is a picture of her and Nikia enjoying the wide open spaces in the big pasture. I love the contrast of the dark clouds looming in the background while the sun is shining on their backs.   As they say "poetry in motion".

Jewel's owners had hoped to show her. She is nicely gaited and has pulled carts, bus she didn't do well in the ring so they felt she was better suited for a trail horse.  

Right after returning to the ranch we were contacted by Karen at Equine Voices Equine Rescue south of Tucson to see if we could help with an abandoned horse in Show Low (about 30 miles south of us). We learned that Butterscotch had been left behind when Carissa's neighbors moved from their foreclosed house so she was feeding her and trying to find a home for her.  
This pretty spotted saddle horse, approximately 6-8 years old turned out to be just the right size for Ginny, a retired horsewoman who moved to Arizona from Minnesota.  With trainer Aliki Otey (in above photo), they drove up from Queen Creek, AZ to check this pretty mare out.  Aliki determined she had 5 gaits and with a little tune up, Ginny should be riding her soon.  She is now named Peaches and is training with Aliki and doing awesome.

That same day I spoke to Shannon who had been fostering Triton for us.  He is the yearling colt that we rescued from the pony ride people in Buckeye AZ and has been in her families loving care since September 18th.  Big question of the day, they wanted to know if they could adopt Triton and give him a forever home.  Not much thought needed for that quick answer "YES".  We couldn't be happier that he has the perfect family to thrive after all he has been through already in his young life.

Triton is putting on weight, his mood is awesome and he enjoys playing with his toys and the other horses finally getting to act like a yearling should.   Here he is pictured with Shannon's daughter, Taegen having a spa day!  He now has his own Facebook page click this link Truly Triton's Facebook page  to follow our sweet boy as he grows up.

We also networked to help one of our followers, Nancy (Nan), who lives in central California, find homes for two of her horses.   The first is Gunner a 5 year old Missouri Fox Trotter gelding who had been ridden, but was still considered 'green broke', meaning he just needed more riding miles.  I had gotten a call from Sharon in Lake Elsinore, CA inquiring about Butterscotch.  It turned out Gunner was the perfect horse for her to have a second horse for her girlfriend Carole to ride.  Gunner was adopted on October 18th.

Nan's second horse is a 17 year old former roping champion that has been enjoying barrel racing and other gymkhana events with younger people.  A solid trail horse we are hoping for an adopter who doesn't want to compete with him, but still enjoy all the spunk he has left and years of trail miles ahead.  

Photo's of Jet roping and doing barrels.

On October 15, we received an email through our network of rescues regarding horses that needed help after their owners house burned putting the elderly woman in the hospital.  We contacted Sharyl, the neighbor who had taken the horses in.  Two horses, one more elderly both needing help.  We contacted her feed store and purchased food to last several weeks while the outcome of the horses was determined.  
Your donations allow us have funds to be able to help in these kinds of emergencies which make such a huge difference for the animals. Interestingly these horses were not far from where we picked up Jewel just a few weeks earlier.  

Our sweet cherub Liam, just turned two and celebrated his birthday with his foster family, Jamie, Ellie and Darlene, who are our wonderful neighbors.  I can see Liam in their pasture from the office window playing with Jamie's horse KC and keeping him from being lonely.

We still provide his hay and they take care of his feet while Liam is getting some much needed training out of the deal.   Little Ellie, just a year old herself loves her time with Liam.

Here is Liam with KC.

Look how big he is!
We have some sad news, Angel the sweet little kitty that was lit on fire and thrown from a car succumbed to the severe infection that no drugs seemed to be able to cure.  She was laid to rest earlier this week and they have yet to catch the person that did that.  Our supporters rallied together and donated $700 toward her care including a special bed that was donated to replace the towels she had been laying on.  Dr. Christianson is such a hero in this.  She doesn't have round the clock staff so she had a bed tucked in her office and spent many nights there to care for Angel and with no days off.  I am proud to have this loving veterinarian as our friend and as such a staunch supporter of our rescue. 

Late yesterday I received an exciting email from a representative for Purina Horse Feeds.  They will be featuring Lucky in an article to show his rehabilitation from the emaciated condition he was in when rescued on July 4th, to his fat and healthy condition just two months later.  Earlier this year they sent us coupons for free senior feed through the A Home For Every Horse Program.  We are such a small rescue to be recognized by such a large corporation that I am truly honored and somewhat speechless.  
And today I spoke with a local foster program that uses horses to teach disadvantages youths to love and care for animals as part of their healing process.  They need good and gentle horses to be part of their program and I am confident we can help them find the right match.  Funny thing is they recently moved to a facility we considered buying when we moved here.   It was not what we needed, but I can see how it will be perfect for that program.  

Never a dull moment, nor does it seem time to breath.  Luckily Ginny, Dee and Jamie volunteer to help from time to time and Lary does so much too.  So blessed to have a husband that is so compassionate and caring and has a deep love for horses.   Nov. 9th is our 14 year anniversary and we have lots to be thankful for.  

Thankful also for your support.  The funds you donate are used wisely and you can see how many horses have been helped by you just in these past few months.  If you would like to help with Jewel's veterinary costs, care for the others at the ranch, or funds for emergency needs of horses you can click the donate button or mail a check to PO Box 2722, Snowflake AZ  85937.

We appreciate you each and every one so very much and are honored with your continued support.  

Sending blessings,

Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 Public Charity so your donations are tax-deductible.