Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gelding in Jeopardy! Help Save Him!

I know it is just after the holiday's and everyone's credit card bills are hitting, but we were asked to step in and save this poor gelding from the 'to be killed list' and we need your help to do it!

I was told he was left for dead at a park in Riverside County and picked up by animal control.  Now he is in one of their pens and if not rescued immediately will be euthanized - on their "to be killed list".  This is the same facility that Precious came from and when you look at his pictures, you can see he is in much the same shape.  We are asking for funds to save him and bring him back to health.  No donation is too small.  

He is emaciated and clearly malnourished, so one of the first things we will do is have our vet Christi Garfinkel, give him a thorough exam and blood draw so we can see the extent of his malnutrition, aliments and parasite load. 

Looking at his front legs, they are a carbon copy of Precious.   No doubt there is arthritis in the knees and possible ringbone in the pasterns.  We were told he is still wearing shoes and his hooves are over long.  We have the farrier coming on Friday to pull the shoes and trim him up.  It makes me cringe to just look at this picture.

I am sure the will recommend Previcox and possibly Bute for the short term while the Previcox is kicking in.   He will be getting injectible Bute for the trailer ride from Riverside Co AC to Ramona to help ease the pain the trailer ride may cause.  If he has ulcer symptoms, Ranitidine or other Ulcer treatment will be needed.  He won't eat well if it hurts to do so. 


In cases like this we need to put weight back on slowly and be careful when deworming so that the toxins from the parasite treatment don't make him sick or colic.  To prevent colic we deworm with 1/2 doses over a more extended time frame.

We will immediately start him on Purina Enrich 32 ration balancer which has all the needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed to rebuild his muscle mass, deal with anemia and also probiotics to help his digestive system get back to normal.  Thanks to Christina at Hawthorne Country Store in Escondido who found a $5 discount coupon for us to use and set aside their last bag for us to pick up tomorrow.

We will also get his dentistry done to be sure he is getting as much nutrition from his food as possible.  In 2-3 months we will do a follow-up blood analysis to see how he is doing and if other treatment is needed. 

All this will take money so we are asking for donations to help with his urgent and ongoing needs.  It breaks my heart that people dump horses to fend for themselves.  I don't care what the reason, it is just unacceptable.  But we can make a difference for this guy, so please share the word and help us raise the funds to save his life, get this poor guys health back and make his last years, good years.

Please donate now!

Thank you so much from everyone at EqWBR and Jen at Baker Ranch Equine Rescue, who is going to pick him up from Riverside Animal Control tomorrow and bring him back to Ramona. 


 Your donation is appreciated so very much!

If you would prefer to send a check to EqWBR, PO Box 324, Ramona, CA  92065
The generosity of so many caring people allows us to care for these horses in need.

Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 Public Charity
Donations are tax-deductible
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Touleo Needs A New Home - FOUND 1-16-13 Thank You All!

 Update 1-16-13.   Touleo has found a new home and will be living with a family and ridden regularly by a 16 year old young lady in the Elfin Forest.   Can't thank everyone enough for sharing this need.   We did it again!!!!!

This is an immediate need because of the current owners battle with cancer

I got an email the other day from the lady we bought our first horse from.  She just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago after heart  surgery and is asking me to help her find a home for a horse that she used to own.   Read what she had to say below:

 " I purchased a gelding a few years ago for pleasure and trail riding. He has been ridden both English and Western, was used as a trail horse in Del Mar for two years, did really well for his first owner.  I rode him on my test ride and he was really good. He was also with a trainer for 3 months for tune up and training, she really liked him and put some of her students on him.  

For me he ended up being quite a spooky horse, and threw me pretty badly over a year ago.  I since sold him, but the consigner/trainer wasn't honest with the purchaser, so I ended up buying him back because that was the right thing to do.  I then placed him with a friend who was great with hot horses, but she has since gone through chemo and radiation to fight breast cancer, and she has explored options to place him and has not been able to find him a home.  

He is 7 years old I believe, 14.2 hands, incredible Arabian breeding, he's by Alada Baskin I out of a Khemosabi mare.  He is here in Ramona, he would be a great endurance horse,  He has no other health issues, he's an easy keeper though does some cribbing but has never taken a lame step in his life.

I'd appreciate any help, I know you've got a good network, and I would agree to take him back at anytime if someone couldn't keep him.  It's one of those things that I will always feel obligated to him you know.  

If someone is interested in, they can send me an email and I will speak with them and see if they would be good to take him on.  A knowledgeable horse person would be great with him.  You know and well as I do that there is a myriad of these types of horses out there, he does have his age, soundness and breeding going for him though!"

Please help share the word and lets find this sweet gelding a home.  You can contact Debi with any questions click for Debi's email .   Again, this need is urgent!

Happy New Year to all.

Thanks so much!

Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc.      

If you would like to help EqWBR meet its mission to save horses from neglect, abuse, starvation and slaughter or in other times of need, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.  With your great support we helped over 200 horses in 2012.  Help us continue to help the horses in need. 

If you would prefer to send a check to EqWBR, PO Box 324, Ramona, CA  92065
The generosity of so many caring people allows us to care for these horses in need.

Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 Public Charity
Donations are tax-deductible
Federal Tax ID# 45-2835562