Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Thank you Walmart Supercenter Taylor AZ!!!!!



We are so excited to announce a $1000 Grant from the Walmart Community Grants Team and Walmart Super Store #4355 in Taylor, AZ.

Forest and Shooter

Blind, orpaned foal, Forest and his best friend, Shooter

These funds will be used to purchase supplies needed to build a shelter for our mostly blind foal, Forest and his companion, Shooter. In coordination with the Taylor store, construction will be June 22, 2023, during a Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) event, as their employees work side-by-side with our volunteers to Shelter our Babies!

Beths Burro Barn

The shelter will be constructed similar to Beth's Burro Barn, three sided with a roof so they are able to get in from the elements.

Being almost completely blind it is important for Forest to get out of inclement weather and with upcoming monsoon rains, the timing is perfect.

20230530 South Pen

The boys have their own private pasture with the shade of a large Juniper tree so having this shelter will give them additional shade and a way to get out of the high winds.

Up until now, when bad weather has been predicted we have been moving the two boys from their pasture into the barn. But for sporatic things like rain during the monsoons, the shelter will be perfect. They can enjoy their day and get out of the rain without having to be confined to the barn.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Justin Johnson, Walmart Taylor Superstore manager, employees Gwen Story and Shannon Stidham, both of whom have been coordinating the VAP event with us at the rescue.

Working together we support and help our community and we are blessed to be chosen by our local Walmart and their support of the rescue.

Equine WellBeing Rescue is a 501c3 public charity which is 100% volunteer run and managed. There is no paid staff or employees so funds donated goto the care of the equine at the rescue and others in need that we can help. Our volunteers are loving, caring and the best ever!!!!

There are lots of wonderful charities to support and we are honored and humbled by the support we get from you and your friends.

We want you to know YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!!