Sunday, November 15, 2015

Forever in our hearts...sweet Caramel!

It has taken me many, many days to find the words and through much prayer and sadness, deal with this loss as we continue to grieve.

In the midst of our first fall storm, winds sustained at 25mph with gusts up to 40mph, winds that quickly carried our beloved Caramel to heaven. It was with much unexpected sadness that we found her having passed and deep sorrow and agonizing tears, we laid her to rest. The days that followed brought us cold rain turning to snow and gloomy skies that matched the pain of our loss.

Sweet Caramel came to us fresh off the Navajo reservation in March of this year along with another mare we named Kiotai. Caramel was heavy in foal and Kiotai had a foal born that morning at her side. Both mares underweight and needing extra care. We named her Caramel because of the beautiful golden coloring around her muzzle and tummy.
Caramel and I spent a lot of time together before she foaled.  She put on weight both from good food and a growing baby yet to be born.  One of my favorite pleasures and hers too, was daily massages to ease her discomfort. It got to the point where I would start rubbing and she would just move her body under my hands to the area she wanted massaged. The two of us had a very loving and special bond.
It was exciting and nerve racking as we waited for her to give birth. Checking all the signs of impending birth throughout the days and nights.  Finally the early morning of April 26th, during our worst spring storm she quietly gave birth to a colt that looked exactly like her. We named him Avery and now we had two moms with healthy babies only 6 weeks apart. So blessed.
Caramel was a good mom, if a little over protective.  We recently started weaning the boys from their moms on a gradual basis.  Separating them for longer and longer periods of time a rather stress free way to have them all take the next step in growing up. The picture below shows them sleeping while the colts are in the other pasture with Liam to keep them company.
Caramel and Kiotai sleeping
No interest in carrots, apples or other treats. Probably so foreign from the grasses they grazed out on the reservation. Caramel had put on good weight and was very healthy not to mention beautiful. What joy to watch the moms and foals run across the pastures with their tails and heads up high, whinnying all the way.  Poetry in motion.
God has his own plans for all of us and each day we get is a gift to be treasured. Caramel was truly a gift...a gentle soul with a humble heart. Our hearts ache with her loss.

Caramel, I look to the heavens and see your beams shining down and know you are at peace. I miss you so much already and tears continue to fall.

You are in my heart forever. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Babies first snow!!!!

Tunnel of Love.   Chancer and Trudee
As promised the snow fell out of the sky in the dark of night on November 4th.  After days of winds, rain and then a temperature drop we woke up to a blanket of snow.   For the donkeys, 5 1/2 month old Avery and 7 month old Raylan, this was their first snowfall.   I woke before dawn to 28 chilly degrees and headed out with the camera at sunrise.   Please enjoy the pictures.


Cappy in front and Colonel behind

Danny getting his morning nap.

Annie loves to roll in the snow. 

Gwen feeling better after months of being sick.

Liam and Red

Major (Strawberry) grooming Cappy

Princess our little miracle mare. Not bad for 25 years old & partially blind/


Red sticking her tongue out to catch the snow.
Gunny....What is this stuff????
The boys.


Ramey almost disappears in the snow.

Beautiful Kiotai

The barn seen through icicles on the pipe panels.

Big thanks to everyone who was able to donate and those sending blankets to help keep these precious souls warm.  

Blessings from Autumn, Avery, Cappy, Chancer, Colonel, Danny, Gen, Gwen, Gunny, Kiotai, Liam, Major (Strawberry), Paco, Princess, Ramey, Raylan, Red, Ricci, Sarge and Trudee.  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Burrrr.... we need blankets!

As cold fall weather sets in, it is the rain and cold wind that chills us to the bone and makes us shiver. Over the years many people with big hearts have sent blankets for the horses so they can stay dry and warm but none of those blankets fit us and last night was cold, rainy and tonight they predict snow. Burrrrrr.......
We found blankets for sale online at 25% off from State Line Tack...what a deal!  Would you consider making a donation to help cover the cost of moms and my blanket?  If there is any money left over we can use it to buy the 8 male donkeys blankets too.

At the 25% discount we also purchased pain supplement (Danny, Gen & Autumn) and ulcer supplement (Gwen), weanling halters for Avery and Raylan, halter replacement straps for the donkey's breakaway halters and eye ointment for the wintry gooey eyes, total cost $251.13.
Tax deductible donations can be mailed to PO Box 2722, Snowflake, AZ 85937 or you can click this link 

As a charity non-profit we are able to operate from generous donations and support from our followers. ASPCA changed its grant criteria and no longer funds in Arizona where our main ranch is located leaving us $2000 less in funding this year and grants are hard to find for small rescues so your donations are what keeps us going and allow EqWBR to help equine in need like me and my mom.
Thank you so very, very much for your generosity!

Sending warm blessings to all.

Love, Chancer & Trudee (my mom).