Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Two fillies need our help NOW! They are getting skinnier by the day! - UPDATE -SAVED!

9-19-13 UPDATE it is with great excitement that I can announce we raised the funds to purchase the neglected fillies.  They will be picked up tomorrow by Laura and it is with great excitement we have found a home in TN for the yearling filly so we can stop raising funds for transport.  

Laura has offered to keep the filly with her so she can start her care immediately, provide training and eventually find a home for her.   I think God had a different plan for this filly and wanted her to stay in TN.  

We can't thank Laura enough for all the leg work negotiating and handling the transaction with the seller, transporting to safety and immediately starting to care for their needs.   Also to Summer who has opened up her home to take in the weanling and provide for her needs. Laura will be transporting the weanling to Summer on Saturday.   Both these fillies will finally be getting the food and care they need.  

Stay tuned for pictures and a follow-up story when they are settled with their new families. 

We would like to thank the following donors: Lisa L, Maritza, Linda J, Debbie S, Cindy S, Cheri L and Terri L. Mark R & Lynn L, Lisa D and Kelly D for your donations to help the horses.   What an awesome horse family we have!!!!     You have helped save two more young lives!!!!

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It has been a while since my last post and I have had every intention of giving you an update of all the work going on at the ranch to prepare the barn for the winter and repair delayed maintenance, but daily care of our special needs horses and all that other work has kept me pretty darned busy. So please accept my apologize.

Over the last several weeks I have been monitoring a post through Paso Fino Urgent Rescue's FaceBook page that started on August 4th with a link to a Craigslist ad.   A man in Tennessee was trying to sell 3 Paso Finos, the mom, her yearling filly and this year foal which he had weaned from the mare so she needs to feed herself.

He purchased the pregnant mare and her filly last year as a surprise for his wife. The surprise turned out to be that she is not interested in the horses, now he wants them gone as they have other horses too.   They were skinny in August.   Over the past months there have been no buyers even though they are registrable with great breeding and he has lowered the prices dramatically.  No rescues have stepped in to help either.

More recent posts from Laura, a lady who went out to visit the horses, stated that they are in worse condition than advertised because they are pasture fed and that particular area of TN has gotten little rain to keep the grass growing.  These are not the only horses feeding off the pasture and the younger ones are chased away by the older horses. They do not feed hay or grain to supplement.  These young fillies are getting skinnier by the day!  Laura found someone interested in the mare, but not the fillies.

Having just adopted out our orphaned foal Prince William, also a Paso Fino in dire straights, we have stepped in to rescue these sweet babies.   With Laura as our local coordinator we are working to get the horses to safety and start proper nutrition and care as we speak.   They are malnourished, underweight, wormy, need their feet done, vaccines and look worse than their pictures.

Paso Fino weanling approximately 6 months old 9/13/13

Paso Fino yearling filly picture taken 9/13/13
We have found a home for the weanling foal in NW Tennessee with Summer Holloman through our fellow rescue, friend and hauler Deanna Tierney and Summer has offered to take her in, get her healthy and provide a loving home.   The precious yearling we have not been able to find a local home for so we need to bring her to EqWBR to receive care, get her health and once healthy get her training just like we did with Prince William.

We need your help.   Funds are needed immediately to buy them from the owner (he has reduced his price to $300 per horse - $600 for the two fillies) by week end, transport quoted is $900 to get the yearling to AZ, initial health care needs and ongoing feed for the yearling filly (the lower picture above).    Our fundraising goal is $2000 and we are hoping that you can help us reach that goal.  Please share this blog post with others so they can help too.

Donations can be made online by clicking the donate button:

Checks can be sent to PO Box 2722, Snowflake, AZ 85937.   We are a 501c3 Public Charity #45-2835562 so your donations are tax-deductible.

Time is of the essence for these young horses since every day they stay with the current owner, they are neglected and don't have enough to eat.  Our hearts go out to babies who are true innocents of circumstances or in this case the poor choices of the humans who own them.  Each day they remain there, their health worsens.    Help us help them!

Thank you all so very much for your continued support without you we simply couldn't help horses like these sweet fillies.

All our best,

Christine Griffin, Pres.
Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc.

501c3 Public Charity #45-2835562

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