Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Happy 31st Birthday Ned


20210217 Ned s birthday

Meet Ned.

He arrived at the rescue last July when we were asked to let him live out his years after his owner passed away. A fabulous lady named Nature had been providing for him since the owner passed away, but her health necessitated him finding a new home so we offered to give him one and are so glad we did.

Today is Ned's (registered name: Contenders Nieto) 31st birthday and we are so happy to celebrate it with him. He seems very happy here and has such a positive spirit.

But in his old years he also suffers from arthritis which we treat with daily Previcox (Equioxx) as a long-term pain medicine and with about half his teeth he also gets 15 pounds of Purina Equine Senior a day to keep his stylish figure, and Absorbine's Bute-Less and Flex-Max Joint Supplement...all to help him feel better.

20200825 Ned Jumping

If you would like to help celebrate Ned's birthday with a small donation for his feeding and care it would be so appreciated. With his energy and loving old soul we hope he is with us for years to come.

After years of service as a riding horse, we want him to enjoy his retirement and stay care free.

Thank you all for your love and support....together we provide for their WellBeing!