Wednesday, January 20, 2016

32+ Equine Helped in 2015

We are a small rescue with what I think is a big impact on unwanted equine. I was crunching the numbers today for an annual survey and was pretty proud of the results. Proud of what we are able to do with your support, our great volunteers, adopters and foster families and as donors and supporters I feel you should get updates on what we do.

So here is the good news.

These are the numbers from January 1st through December 31st, 2015

 8  equine on-site new years day 2015- 8 horses

34 Intakes:
      31 New equine intakes 16 horses, 15 donkeys
        1  New foal born on-site
        2  Adopted horses returned (Joey is pending adoption, Amber Topaz is in foster)

 19  Outgoing:  
        2    Transferred to other Rescues
      11   Adopted to new homes
        6    Foster homes - long term

5 Crossed the Rainbow Bridge
       4 on-site (Caramel, Duncan, Nikia & Ruby)
        1 adopted in a prior year (Red Ryder)
19  on-site 12/31/15

Several of the horses were emaciated or very thin and brought back to good health and weight and one had a terminal condition so we provided hospice care. In addition to these numbers we also donated towards the rescue of a few horses at feedlots, networked to assist people in finding homes for their equine and offered euthanasia funds to few families struggling with end of life options for their horses.

Since the new year we have already rescued an emaciated mare named Dove and her foal Raven, delivered 2 donkeys, Major and Gunny to their new home, next Monday we will be taking Alexas and Chloe (donkeys) and Joey (previously adopted but returned) to their new families and we will be bringing a TWH back to the rescue with us for sanctuary. We also have pending adoptions and foster for 8 of the other horses and donkeys at the ranch.

Over the weekend we made the trip to Home Depot to purchase the 12'x20' carport kit which will be put in the donkey enclosure so they have their own shelter. They currently have a run into the barn. We will enclose three sides of the structure to give a good wind break from the elements and we have several people that have said they would help assemble it, like an old fashioned barn raising.

As a small and 100% volunteer rescue, we are very proud of what we are able to do with a relatively small budget and thank you all so very much for every dollar donated.  Without your support, we would not be able to have the impact on equine lives that we do.

We simply can't thank you enough!!!!

Christine Griffin
Founder & President

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mama Dove and baby Raven join the flock.

They were in desperate need of immediate help.  All that was left in the bottom of their water troughs was an inch or two of ice and the family had no water.  Four horses and no water.
Dove was so dehydrated her skin was sticking to her bones and she had no milk for little Raven to nurse. She was very malnourished on top of that and Ravens growth clearly stunted. Our hearts went out to them, Dove in her teens and Raven only six months old so we offered to bring them to the rescue for immediate care.   Thank heavens that offer was accepted.   Water for the two remaining was obtained.
With a big El Nino storm heading our way, and 3-4 days of snow, high winds and cold weather in the forecast we got them loaded in the trailer and brought them to the ranch. 
When they arrived we blanketed Dove, but baby Raven wanted no part of a blanket.  She was just too skittish and both were adjusting to the trailer ride and new place to live.   We tucked them into the barn with a large outdoor area, gave them food and water and it was clear just how hungry and thirsty they were.  We had to refill their water many, many times but thankfully they drank because dehydration is a big cause of colic and impaction which can be deadly.  

It was so nice to have all the blankets recently donated because we found one that fit Dove being so small.  Emaciated with little muscle and fat to keep her warm wearing a blanket was essential during the storms so she didn't get too cold.   When the snow started we kept them in the barn out of the elements.  
Within two days Raven was feeling so much better and showed her joy running around the outside stall kicking up her heels with glee.  They were in such a small stall before I don't think she has ever had a chance to really stretch her long legs. Dove's eyes told that she was feeling better too. 

Thanks to Steve & Pati, who donated 20 bags of hay pellets we have plenty to feed Dove and Raven to help with their rehab.  
They are also getting probiotics and Purina's Enrich Plus ration balancer to provide the needed vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed to build their bodies strong.  We will need to get their feet trimmed, complete dental for Dove and check up for Raven and perhaps a blood work if the vet feels it is necessary and another order of hay for the 20 horses and donkeys at the ranch is due. 

If you would like to help with their recovery your donation would be greatly appreciated and can by done by just clicking this link: I'd like to make a donation

Our efforts were in coordination with the Arizona Coalition of Equine  (ACE) of which we are the north eastern Arizona rescue on their board of directors. ACE is available to provide limited food grants and end of life options for equine in urgent need. We continue to work together to help the other two horses the owner would not release to us.

Today the sun is out and Dove's blanket came off.  She looks better already but has a long way to go. Your support gives us the opportunity to step in and immediately help in such a sad situation and we can't thank you enough.  
Thanks from Dove and Raven too!