Monday, March 12, 2018

EqWBR earns 2018 Platinum status from GuideStar

2018 Platinum status
We are so excited that GuideStar has given our little rescue the Platinum Seal of Transparency, (the highest seal they give to non-profits in the United States) that we just wanted to share the awesome news with all of you!
Here is a link if you want to visit our profile page on their website: Equine WellBeing Rescue GuideStar Profile
It is SO AWESOME when good things happen to the rescue, especially when so much of what we deal with to save horses, donkeys, mules and minis is heartbreaking. We are just so humbled.

Many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Friday, March 9, 2018

Nat'l Park Service Donates to EqWBR

BIG NEWS!!!!!! The National Park Service - Petrified Forest National Park, Acting Superintendent Doug Lentz said in an email, "park horses Trooper and Gus have served the park well and both are now being officially retired.
On Monday March 5, I took a trip to Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc. just outside of Snowflake, AZ and spoke with founder/president Christine Griffin. Christine started this operation in 2006 and it has done well."
Donation Document for Gus and Trooper
20180308 Trooper
"I found the operation to be well run with a quality program and facilities."
"So, hats off to Trooper and Gus and may they enjoy the Arizona sunsets, open spaces, good grub, and peaceful retirements for many a day. And, thank you to Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc for working with Petrified Forest National Park and taking good care of two of our coworkers & friends."
Gus photo from Carol

Trooper arrived Wednesday night and Gus will be arriving later today.
We can't tell you how excited and humbled we are to be entrusted the National Park Service to help both Gus and Trooper and give them the retirement years they deserve.
After assessment we will probably make them available for adoption where we will look to find a loving, forever home for each.

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mihi's tooth is finally out!!!!!

After four more hours of surgery Wednesday and another overnight stay, we were finally able to bring Mihi home mid-day Thursday.
Huge thanks to Dr. Forbes and everyone at Aspen Veterinary Clinic in Flagstaff, AZ for taking such good care of our sweet girl.
We are sure she will be happy to be home in her own stall.
20180302 Mihi extracted tooth
20180302 infected area
These are a series of pictures of the tooth that was extracted. The root is on top and the bottom, where the toothpick sticks out is the cavity that caused the infection. That toothpick is 2.5 inches long. In both pictures you can see a bulge in the tooth, that is part of the infected area and the bulges (on opposing sides of the tooth) is what made removal so difficult. It was so tightly wedged between the tooth in front and behind it, they needed to use a surgical hammer and punch to force it down between her good teeth. You can see the tooth itself is over 3 inches long.
molar teeth
The picture of normal molar teeth show you how smooth the surface of the tooth is and the size of the infection caused bulge on Mihi's tooth.
20180302 infundtibulum cavity
This picture shows you the chewing (occlusal) surface of the tooth and on the right you can see the cavity in what is called the infundibulum of the tooth. This allowed food debris to get inside the tooth and the infection took many, many months to get so bad that she had the swelling and food debris on her face.
20180301 meds for 2 weeks
Now we start the after surgery care with one antibiotic given 3 times a day, another two times a day, both for two weeks. She will get pain medication injections twice a day for 3-5 days and Rescue Matrix to mix with her equine senior mash to help boost her system. Huge thanks to Mushroom Matrix for donating a 180 day supply of Rescue Matrix just for Mihi. Info on Equine Matrix products
20180301 stitches on face
In two weeks Mihi needs to return to Dr. Forbes to have the packing/plug that was placed in the open space left from her tooth removal and to see how she is healing. Since she needed two surgeries to get the tooth removed, our bill was double what I had originally anticipated. With the hospital stay, surgery, medications and transportation we have already spent over $2500 and there will be more expense for her recovery and follow up vet visit. Thankfully we received enough donations to write a check out for the surgery and when I did the vet said, "Wow you are a real rescue, we get so many that call themselves a rescue and can't pay for care.". I told her how wonderful all of you are and how you support and care about the rescue.
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In addition to the extraction, they did blood work, fecal test for parasites and she has a skin bug infestation. When we got home we applied topical Frontline for the bugs and today I spent a long time grooming her coat to remove the bug debris and loose hair that is shedding. She enjoyed every minute of the brushing while enjoying the warmth of the sun. If anyone wants to come help with grooming her over the next few weeks, please let me know. She will also be dewormed and have her feet done.
One thing at a time.
Mihi and I have bonded so well and as you can imagine we are both tired. I am truly humbled by the outpouring of donations, prayers and people sharing her story and need with others. YOU saved her life. If this tooth would not have been removed, she would have gotten sicker and sicker and eventually died. What you have done for this sweet mare is remarkable and brings tears to my eyes the love and support you give the fur babies here at the rescue.
You are all such a blessing!