Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tractor Supply helps with water for Wild Horses


When the issue of no water for the wild horses in the drought stricken Apache-Stigreaves National forest (ASNF) was brought to our attention early in May we started providing water troughs so water could be trucked in to keep the horses from dying of dehydration.
I quickly contacted Amanda Bodkin at A Home For Every Horse, a program EqWBR has belonged to for seven years and asked her if we could possibly get some help from on of the program sponsors Tractor Supply Corporation.
When I explained the situation and urgent need Amanda went to work to see what help we might be able to get.
20180607 Mike Radford troughs

Knowing corporate wheels can sometimes turn slow we have been purchasing troughs with donated funds and have had used ones donated to the cause too. Last Thursday we purchased four more troughs from our local Tractor Supply store in Show Low. We asked for help and donations started coming in to cover the $1008 cost of those four troughs.
Mike Radford transported two of the new tanks to specially permitted areas in the Black Mesa Ranger District of the ASNF.
20180607 Leslie Brucker troughs

In the Lakeside Ranger District of ASNF, EqWBR and our private citizen partners Leslie, Dennis and others have committed to provide all the water for the wild horses in the Show Low area of the forest so we purchased two more troughs to increase capacity for the horses and other wild animals drinking this life saving water. We have contracted Lynn Pace at White Mountain Water Haulers to fill our troughs every five days or more if needed.
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(game cameras capturing horses drinking out of the troughs)

Friday morning I got the AWESOME news from Lexie Gamble at Tractor Supply Co's Sponsorship Team, that our local Show Low store had a gift card from corporate to help with this urgent and dire drought situation in the amount of $600. WOO HOO!!!! And to make things even better we were able to bring our receipt from the prior days purchase back to the store and they re-rang it using the gift card and returning $600 to our account.
20180517 115210

Since mid-May there have been 9 people permitted to enter the areas of the forest closed to the public because of the extreme drought. The volunteers monitor the troughs and fill water, those in the Black Mesa Ranger district are using their own vehicles and water tanks to make numerous trips daily to keep the water troughs full.
Many of them were hauling water to troughs before we heard of the need and are still making daily fills including to the troughs we since loaned to HWHFA in their area. EqWBR currently has 14 troughs with a water capacity of 4400 gallons that we have supplied for these life saving efforts between district areas.
20180610 135048

After speaking with Nancy Champman, who is doing a fundraiser in lieu of birthday presents to help cover the costs of the troughs purchased last week, It was an easy decision to take the unexpected $600 that was returned to us and split the funds between those permitted volunteers who have been hauling water near Heber-Overgaard which includes 6 of our loaned troughs. (Our project partners Leslie and Dennis declined funds for fuel.)
On Sunday we delivered checks to Robin Crawford for $120 to cover fuel and other costs for each of the drivers including Stacy, Jackie & Irene, Bob, Mike and Robin and are glad we could help them in this way. They will continue to provide in their permitted area of the Black Mesa Ranger District.
TSC logo

To have a huge and caring company recognize the need and our efforts is TRULY AMAZING. We simply cant thank Lexie Gamble and Tractor Supply Co enough for going the extra mile to help this urgent situation. There local stores, Show Low and Hollbrook, AZ, have been very supportive too. Also Amanda Bodkin at A Home For Every Horse.
The caring from followers and donors has been the icing on the cake.
20180525 Lynn White Mtn Water Hauling

EqWBR including our project partners Leslie, Dennis and Lynn of White Mountain Water Haulers are pleased to be working with the staff at the ASNF Lakeside Ranger District offices and district manager Ed Collins and we plan to continue well into the future to provide in our Show Low area as long as needed.
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This water project is just one of many that we get asked to assist with and your donations make it possible to say 'yes' to new needs and to meet all of our commitments to the horses, donkeys, minis for which we provide..
Water will need to be supplied until there have been enough rains to refill the natural water sources so if you would like to help EqWBR continue our efforts to provide for these wild horse, other equine in our care and new needs that arise, please consider a tax-deductible donation by clicking the link below.
You make all of this possible and we simply cannot thank you enough!
We appreciate all you do to help us help equine in need!!!!

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Helping a family and rescues in need!

Patti Dooley Minis 4-17-18 small pix
It has been almost two months since Tillie, Midnight, Little Guy and Brandy came to the rescue because their mom was hospitalized. Our friend and adopter Patti had a massive stroke mid April and the community stepped in to help her husband Kevin with all the animals so he could spend the time needed to help Patti through recovery.
So unexpected and out of the blue I was worried to find out that Patti had a massive stroke. A frequent volunteer who also adopted Tillie from us in 2016 and Brandy from us in 2017, she was always a ball of energy when helping here at the ranch. Well known and loved in the community we were all in a state of shock to find out she had to be flown to Phoenix for treatment at the Mayo Clinic hospital.
We promise our adopters that if anything in their life changes those adopted or fostered from us can come back and we opened our doors to provide for Patti's beloved minis until she is well enough to have them back home. Patti has been in rehabilitation for about five weeks and still has a long way to go in her recovery process but we don't want her family to worry about caring for her fur babies.
You can help with a single or monthly donation of any amount to help cover the cost of their feed, hoof care (their feet were trimmed May 1st for $140), fecals and deworming $15 each, dentistry $150 each and monthly hay $35 each. They have been since April 17th and will remain until Patti can bring them home or her family lets us know differently. We don't want the family to have to worry about these sweet minis, instead to focus their time and efforts on Patti's recovery. Our commitment to her as an adopter...and friend.
20180522 Thumper at training
May 1, 2018 Thumper, one of the 907 Hallelujah Horses seized from ISPMD in South Dakota in 2016, was dropped off with our local trainer when we picked up CC Bloom having completed her training.
Thumper had 30 days training last fall then was allowed to relax over the winter and now is enjoying the one on one he gets as he learns the finer points of being under saddle and good ground manners. He will need 60-90 days to be a good solid trail/family horse and if you would like to help with his board and training it is $500 per month (a discounted fee to help us as a rescue). A good foundation is essential to finding a great adoptive long-term home and something we strongly believe he deserves.
IMG 6255
May 10th we drove to Star Valley to pick up and bring Maya to the rescue. Working in coordination with Cathy Trope and Polo Pony Rescue in Santa Clarita, CA, who contacted us asking if we could bring her here rather than shipping all the way back to CA to find a new loving home.
Maya has been extremely well loved and cared for so we were glad we could make room for her. Fully broke to ride she has done some dressage, a lot of trail riding and most recently cowboy challenges. Once we know her personality and skills she will be available for adoption. In the meantime if you would like to donate towards here care, we have already done a fecal test and deworming, will have her dental and shoes done in the next few weeks, all in preparation of looking for the perfect home for her.
We never want to rush the adoption process, rather want to take our time and find a long-term forever home.
Donkeys-Healing Hearts 5-24-18 collage
Meet Jet Li (he kicks) and Jackie Chan who both arrived on May 24th a rescue to rescue transfer from our friends at Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge in Cave Creek, AZ. Special delivery thanks to Marty Clutter.
Donky roping
Both of these guys were used for roping at the age of three and then put up for sale on Craigslist when all used up.
They have scars on their necks and legs and are timid but interested in people. At first Jet Li would kick out of defense which is how he got his name, but he is warming up to the daily TLC he get here.
They will eventually be available for adoption, but not until they get past the fear they have from the mistreatment they got before being rescued. We don't want to rush them...we want their trust.
20180525 114613
When Marty dropped the boys off she also picked up Mr G an 8 year old TWH (Tennessee Walking Horse). who came to us last July working with fellow rescuer Lyn Montgomery, after spending 10 days at Reata Equine Hospital in Weatherford, TX. When he arrived he weighed only 760 pounds and was fearful of his food being taken away. That is very common for horses who have been starved.
He has made a full recover and is now fat and happy so it was perfect timing for Marty to take him to the valley so she can work with him to determine his level of training and knowledge.
It appears he has lots of holes in his training. Marty has been so great helping us with other gaited horses, she fell in love with and adopted both Peaches and Thor (Prince William). Donations to help cover those cost and his care are greatly appreciated.
20180502 Peanut 5yo mare
This is Peanut who is Mihi's daughter. Both were rescued in February, Mihi is the horse that needed the dental surgeries.
We are hoping to get Peanut to the trainer next week. She is barely halter broke and at age five it is the perfect time to start her training education. She has a very nice mind and loves people so we hope in 60-90 days she will be ready for someone to adopt her and start putting miles on her.
If you would like to help her with a donation towards her training, health care (she needs her dental done) no amount is too small and she will be worth every cent spent.
As you can see, in addition to helping the wild horses during this extreme drought we are experiencing we are doing a lot of other things to help people in our community, working closely with other fellow rescues and providing for the 20 horses, donkeys and minis we have here at the rescue.
It is with your support, whether sharing our mission and need with your friends, prayers, financial support or volunteer time that we are able to provide as we do and help those in need. Every day we appreciate all that you do to help us help them. Such a huge loving family of followers that make such a huge difference for these sweet equine.

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Thank you donkey