Monday, November 25, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Daisy

Social media allows the ability for people to instantly upload photos and make post for all to see, not so with a blog.  It takes time to create a post and this one was many days coming.  The loss of any animal brings heartache to those who loved it and finding the words to express myself about Daisy have been tough.  Not for lack of love or caring, but simply the unexpected circumstances and working through it in my own way with time and prayer.  

I remember last spring when a post was made of Facebook for a skinny horse in Ramona needing help.  Jen at Baker Ranch Equine Rescue opened her door and her heart to this older Appaloosa mare and took her in on April 22, 2013.  The vet checked her out and was diagnosed with a degenerative disease of her hind pasterns (DSLD) she was put on Previcox for pain which seemed to help and she regained her weight and good body condition.  She had been fostered, adopted out, then returned and Jen & I agreed she could come here.

11-7-13 grazing in the oldster pasture

On November, 1st we transported Daisy and another horse named Autumn from Baker Ranch Equine Rescue in Ramona to our facility in Snowflake to live out their days in wide open spaces.  The vet was consulted about her pasterns and Daisy was cleared for transport saying the trip would be ok.  She settled right in and after slowly being introduced to the other oldsters, she totally enjoyed the room to roam in their pasture and was even seen running and kicking up her heels from time to time.  

Below is a picture I took of her sticking her tongue out after a grooming session and one of my favorites. She loved the individual attention, but also loved being with her new buddies.

11-4-13 making faces after a grooming session

On the morning of the 12th, I noticed she wasn't joining the others to eat and went to her to see what was wrong. She had a puncture on the front of her left leg above the knee, but not much blood meaning it had recently happened but no obvious signs of what caused the injury.  I moved her into a stall and immediately called the vet to come.  I then cleaned and wrapped the wound, gave her pain medication and iced the area.  Her mood was good and I let her have a nice bucket of Senior feed on an upside down water trough so she wouldn't have to bend down, brushed and talked to her.  She didn't seem in much pain, no swelling or heat of the leg, but she didn't want to put weight on it. Not good. 

In an effort to keep the weight off her front leg, she was putting it on her hind legs with the weak pasterns (ankles).  I had wrapped all her legs with standing wraps to give her support while waiting for the vet.   When he arrived he confirmed that she had a fracture that would not heal without giving her great pain on her hind legs.  He saw nothing obvious to indicate how the fracture had happened, but we suspect in a burst of energy she was running and stepped in a gopher hole.  With the burden to her weak pasterns the only loving thing to do was humanely put her down.  

Unlike the urban areas there is no removal service for body and having the space we decided to bury her here so she can stay forever.  Our deepest gratitude goes to Doug Gunther, a neighbor we had not yet met, who came to us on the 13th with his backhoe and helped us bury Daisy.  He dug a deep grave and very gently and respectfully laid her to rest.  Clearly he had done this many times.   Lary took time off work to be with me as we said prayers for this sweet horse who we were just beginning to know, but already loved.  As a tribute I marked her grave by planting Gerbra Daisy's and we finished just as the sun was setting.  


I am not sure who started the phrase of animals passing over the rainbow bridge, but rainbows are a sign from god of his promise to all the living that he will guide us through any storm.  On Saturday a rainbow appeared at Daisy's grave, went over our barn and up into the heaven's.  To me a sign that he wanted Daisy to be with him more than he wanted her to be with us.  

11-23-13 Rainbow over Daisy's grave

Rest in peace and run pain free Daisy.  It is an honor to have you here.

EqWBR, Founder & President

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