Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Age 26, pregnant and skinny! Meet Missy.

I have been very worried about this mare ever since I got a Craigslist ad forwarded to me from a fellow rescuer for a "4 in 1 package deal" last week. The ad was for a pony mare who was pregnant and as a bonus you got a 20+ year old mare also pregnant stating they had "lost our home".  The photo showed the older mare was skinny. I contacted the seller the day before Christmas Eve and offered to provide a home for the older mare so she could sell the pony mare unencumbered.  

She did not immediately take me up on the offer. Instead I was questioned via text to be sure that I was capable of properly taking care of a mare and eventual foal among other questions that had me shaking my head. Especially when the seller told me she was only feeding her a scoop of feed a day and some hay, that she was skinny and not putting on weight. On Christmas Eve day we waited for her to show up and see our facility, again to be sure that 'we' could take proper care of the mare.  

I worried about this mare all through the Christmas Eve high winds, blowing snow and cold temps, wishing she was tucked in our barn safe and sound. Worried through the Christmas snow and cold, did she have a blanket, was she out of the elements. After many changes of plans she finally arrived this morning, even thinner than I expected.  I am SO relieved she is here. 

Meet Missy. 
The things I have been told, "She was thinner when I bought her in 2014.", "I rescued her from the people selling her.", "Two vets told me it was ok to breed a 26 year old horse.", "The stud got loose by accident.", "She was bred sometime between July and August 2016.", "We rode her bareback because we couldn't get a saddle to fit."  No vaccines, no vet visits, last trim four months ago, etc.

Not only is she very malnourished from not enough to eat, she has an injury that causes her to drag her right hind leg. I truly can't believe anyone who ride her, even bareback. There are so many things I can't wrap my head around, but then it seems to be the situation so often when these sweet souls get sold on down the line till they need a real rescue to step in and truly save them.
Though she needs at least 300 pounds to be a normal weight, we also want to confirm her pregnancy. She is nicked up from other horses that pushed her around which I already treated.  She needs her feet trimmed, chiropractic for her hind leg, dentistry, deworming, probiotics and supplements and a good healthy diet. 
I spent quite some time telling the seller about proper nutrition, what feeds we have found to work well and can be very affordable, gave her some handouts to help her figure out what her various horses may need.  We talked at length about the dental needs of older horses. Several of hers are thin and she appreciated the time I spent helping her.  I let her know she could contact me anytime for advice or assistance in hopes it will help the other horses she has.  Many times what we do goes way beyond taking in and rehabbing the needy, it is helping educate horse owners too. 

We need to get Missy healthy and meet her prenatal needs. If you were thinking about a year end donations and who to donate too, we would sure appreciate being on your list. You know we will put them to the very best use. Donations can be made via PayPal using this link:

Checks can be mailed to Equine WellBeing Rescue, 8369 Buckskin Trail, Snowflake, AZ 85937.  All donations are tax-deductible because we are a non-profit public charity recognized by the IRS.

It is through your generous donations and support that we are able to help so many. Missy makes the fifth emaciated horse for us this year and we still have a pregnant mini donkey at the rescue of the dozens that came here in April and May.  Two expectant mommies at the ranch.
Missy, today is the first day of the rest of your NEW life!!!!

Thank you all so very, very much!