Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Equine Body Pain Evaluation Clinic - Feb 5th

Saturday, February 5th, we will be sponsoring a clinic by Dee Howe of "Helping Others With Equines", www.DeeHowe.net that is the first in a series of three teaching you how to enhance a horse's vitality using integrative body work, that we will be sponsoring at our ranch.

This Stage 1 clinic - Evaluation/Body Work. You will learn techniques to tell if your horse is uncomfortable and what is needed when unwanted behavior happens; such as bucking, biting, rearing, throwing it's head, kicking, pawing, pacing, hard to catch, cross firing, turning one way better than the other, etc. By releasing the tension and addressing the root of the problem the horse can then concentrate, making training/riding easier and more efficient.

Since this is a hands-on clinic and each student will get some one-on-one with Dee, attendance is limited to 10 and reservations are needed. Cost is $100 for this full-day clinic and lunch and snacks are provided. For reservations contact Lauren at 951-566-7217 or horseluverlns@hotmail.com. Credit Cards are accepted.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's a sunny winter day and the temperature outside is close to 80 degrees. Not bad for January when the rest of the country is cold and snowy and perfect for a short ride from the ranch. So today is Chance's turn for her first real trail ride.

Tabi has been working with Chance on and off over the summer. You guys may remember the bad injury Chance got to her lower jaw just as her training was being started last April. While it healed quickly (thanks to the Ox-E-Drops 2% solution) it was a few months before she went back to Tabi for training. Chance got about 2 solid months of training mostly in the arena and within the fenced property of the training ranch, but no real riding other than that.

Chance has been back here since September and we were just letting her be a horse. She is only 2 1/2 years old so there is no reason to hurry training along. She is too young and her body is still growing to put too much stress on it with athletic riding - which is exactly what she is built for.

With that in mind, today is the first day that anyone has been on her or even worked her in the round pen since last September. Much like we expected, she acted like it was just yesterday that she was worked and picked up right where her and Tabi left off. Ten minutes in the round pen and ready to ride.

Bo (Triton), Tabi's horse, was not too happy that his mom chose Chance to ride instead of him, so he ran the entire fenceline keeping up with them. Then he whinnied while there were gone. Boy was he glad when they got back.

No fuss, no muss. Lary and Tabi rode past the cows, along a busy black top road, across the road to ride behind our friends cattle dairy. There she got to ride through grazing cattle, up and down hills and short ravines, over and across some water and even took the lead when Houdini didn't want to stay in front.

This filly is going to make someone an AWESOME horse. She is level headed, smart, an eager learner and just no fuss no muss. We measured her height and she is 14.2hh today and we know she is going to be another 4-6 inches taller at maturity.

Chance is available for adoption. Her adoption fee is $1000. Right now she is green and needs trail miles. She is also at the perfect age to train for competitive trail riding because she has no bad habits, no fears and is willing to try anything. When she gets a few years older and her bones are complete, she will make a great cow horse, ranch sorting, or other things require good athletic skills.

Chance has been handled since birth and loves people. This is a very "aim to please" you horses that will bond with rider and LOVES to have a job. So please spread the word. If you know someone who wants horse that will be a great, solid trail horse, competitive trail, eventually (in a year or two) work with cows, etc. She's the one. Help us find a good home for her.


P.S. Chance's mother was saved from slaughter and was adopted earlier this year and it is clear that Chance got her demeanor, brains, build and abilities from her mom. So we have pictures of her mom and can tell you all about her mom too.