Friday, December 30, 2022

Forest visits the Opthamologist


20221220 trailer ride

Forest & Trudee early morning ride

A few weeks ago we put Chancer's mom, Trudee, in the stall with Forest in anticipation of the 3.5 hour drive to the veterinary appointment on December 20th. We did not want him to panic, unable to see in a moving box for many hours all by himself.

They got along well in their barn stall and paddock. Trudee, being a mom was used to having a little one bump against her and follow her around. So the pairing has been very good for both of them.

Finally, Forest has a friend who will stay by his side.

20221220 Trailer Cam photo

Forest & Trudee on the trailer cam

5:00 AM on the morning of the 20th we loaded them both in the straw padded trailer and hit the road.

We had ordered, and Lary installed, a trailer camera so we would be able to watch our precious cargo during the all day trip. What a relief it was for me to be able to look at the monitor and see they were doing just fine.

20221220 Dr Zoe

We arrived at the medical center where Dr. Reed from Eyeshine Veterinary, equine opthalmololist, and her team finally got to meet Forest. We have been emailing back and forth for several weeks.

He was awesome during the exam and lets just say everyone fell in love with him just as all of us have.

Dr. Reed, did numerous tests on both eyes and felt his had some sight, mostly the ability to see light and also dark objects, but it is limited at best. He has a few cataracts in his right eye, but that is not impeding his vision. She felt he has been blind since birth and the communication between the eye and the brain are where the disconnect is.

Both eyes look better since the day we rescued him so they have recovered a little from his severe dehydration and malnutition from being left to fend for himself in the high desert of the Petrified Forest.

20221220 weight

Both Dr. Reed and Dr. Minuto, the vet who also examined him at Chaparral Vet Med Center, thought he was doing awesome since his rescue on 9-27-22, as we showed them picture of his overall condition and his eyes at the time. Forest still has a ways to go in his recovery, but everyone is pleased with his progress so far.

On intake he weighed 236 pounds, was a body condition score 2. emaciated, was very dehydrated and had bite marks and scars all over his torso. On 12-20-22, not quite 3 months later he had gained 79 pounds, most of his scars have healed and he has a lot of energy. His blood work is good, he has been gradually dewormed and gets probiotics, a ration balancer, gut health to heal and prevent ulcers and now we are adding vitamin E to help his eyes more. He continues on the eye meds but we hope to wean him off those soon.

20221220 arriving home

We made the long trek home and arrived just as the sun was gracing the sky with a stunning sunset.

Trudee and Forest unloaded with ease. Forest takes a little longer but he trusts us so he follows us very carefully. it amazes us how he gets around.

Dr. Reed felt it would be safe to put him in a larger enclosure so he can run and get the exercise a baby needs to grow healthy. And he does LOVE to run.

We have contacted our friend who does fence work to weld him a nice big enclosure, one that he can grow in to and be safe having fun running around. We will use some of the funds donated for his care to make him a larger and safe place to spend his days and nights.

20221220 Forest back home

Forest - I'm a big boy now!

We can't thank you all enough for your support and helping him financially so we can get him all he needs to heal and grow as normal as possible. There is a small chance he may get a eye sight little clarity as he grows with good nutrition and care, but even if he doesn't he is so loved.

He is one brave little horse!

Equine WellBeing Rescue is a 501c3 public charity which is 100% volunteer run and managed. There is no paid staff or employees so funds donated goto the care of the equine at the rescue and others in need that we can help. Our volunteers are loving, caring and the best ever!!!!

There are lots of wonderful charities to support around the world and we are honored and humbled by the support we get from you and your friends. We want you to know YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!!

Wishing everyone many blessings in 2023. Happy New Year!

Monday, December 5, 2022

SO close to our goal....can you help????


November 29, 2022 was #GivingTuesday and your support over the years has been phenominal.

We reached our matching donation of $5000, making your donation worth double. In fact, we got $6000 in donations so with the matching $5000 from an anonymous donor advised fund from the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego, we raised $11,000. FABULOUS! OUTSTANDING! AWESOME!

BUT..... we still have not reached our goal of $15,000 for the newer used tractor that the rescue REALLY NEEDS.

The Griffin's have let the rescue use their tractor for over a decade, it hauls 1400 pound bales of hay out the various pastures to feed the 40+ horses, donkeys and minis. It is used to plow the snow so volunteers can get to the rescue, drag the manure in the enclosures, create furrows to reroute rain runoff and SO MUCH more. We have used it so much it is worn out and the hydrolics are not working properly making it unsafe.

landscape loader

A newer used 4x4 tractor at auction

There are several machinery auctions December 13-15th, next week, where we could purchase a newer used tractor that will run for decades more. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to use to purchase the much needed tractor.

We have tried to find grants to cover the purchase cost and there simply are none.

Forest says - thanks for giving

Multimedia Systems and Technology Consulting Inc of Snowflake, whose owner's grandaughter, Alexandria, has both adopted a horse from us and volunteers at the rescue every weekend, has offered to match the next $1000 in donations. That would give us a total of $13,000, leaving only $2000 still to be raised to reach out $15,000 tractor fundraising goal.

We appreciate your support so very much whether you can help with $5, $50 or $500. Every donation is so meaningful and will make a huge difference to us.

If you can help us just click the button below to make a tax-deductible donation via check, debit/credit card, PayPal or Venmo and have your donation doubled with the matching donation.

As winter approaches we are so hopeful we can meet our goal and purchase a tractor before the snow hits. We thank you. Rimson and Buddie thank you. Our volunteers thank you.

All of the horses, donkeys and minis appreciate and thank you so very much!!!!

2022 Rimson and Buddie thank you

Rimson & Buddie say THANK YOU!