Friday, February 27, 2015

New website for Equine WellBeing Rescue

We are so exited to announce that we have recently revamped our website and wanted to invite you to check it out.   Just click this link: Equine WellBeing Rescue website  to view it and please don't hesitate to let us know what you think.

This is a screen shot of the home page.

Over the next several days we will be doing some more updates of the horses pages and double checking for typos, so if you see something I have missed, please let me know.  

Thank you so much for taking a moment to check it out!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's Online Fundraising Auction- Please bid!

What a perfect time of year to let the horses at EqWBR be your valentine!  In honor of this holiday we are hosting our first ever online fundraising auction on Facebook.  Thanks to wonderful supporters and businesses there are over 20 wonderful items to big on and help raise funds for the horse.  Our fundraising goal is $800 which will provide one months food for the horses in our care.

How can you help????   

Click on this link: Valentine's Fundraising Auction

When you click on a picture it will give you the details of the prize and the bids will be in the comments of that picture.   To place a bid simply type your bid amount as a new comment and be sure to look back often to be sure someone hasn't bid higher. 

To go to the next photo place your cursor on the right or left side toward the center edge of the photo and a > or < will appear to click and you go to the next photo in the album.  

Bidding ends on Thursday, February 12th at 8am PST.   Each winner will be contacted with the total of all their purchases and cost of postage and you can pay using PayPal or send a check and your items will be sent to you. 

If you don't see any items but still want to help us reach our goal, please consider making a donation. Checks can be made to EqWBR and mailed to PO Box 2722, Snowflake, AZ 85937 or you can donate via PayPal by clicking this link->  Donate Now!

We want to extend a huge thank you to those wonderful people and businesses who have given us gifts to help in this FUNdraising effort and your continued support of our Mission and the horses in our care. 

Happy Valentine's Day from Autumn, Danny, Duncan, Gen, Gwen, Liam, Lucky, Nikia
 and the board of EqWBR.

Thank you!!!!!!

Founder & President

Fed Tax ID #45-2835562
Non Profit Public Charity

Monday, February 2, 2015 with the wind!

OTTB, what does that mean?  Off the track thoroughbred (TB).  One that has raced during its lifetime, but no longer does.   Thousands of TB's are bred for racing every year and very few make it to the big time.  Most don't win enough, earn enough or become lame so their racing career ends and they are moved on. Many, like our beautiful Ruby become broodmares. It is hard to know her entire history because she was dumped at Mike's Auction 11-9-13, in a group of old broodmares, no papers, no information.
Rescued by Megan and Auction Horses Rescue, she was fostered by Natalie and through their research they found out she was born in 1991 and raced in Florida.  How she got to CA is a mystery and something we may never know.

Her rescue medical records noted lameness on her right hind leg, underweight, bad hoof care and some sinus drainage. Natalie helped Ruby's rehab by getting her weight normal, feet cared for and the sinus issue cleared up. Her vet noticed bone spavins (osteoarthritis in the hock) and ringbone in her pasterns, which contributed to her lameness but are not curable.

Ruby was well cared for in her foster home and got to have some fun being ridden a little and even participating in some jousting practice.
But her lameness made it clear a sanctuary was the best place for this sweet, older mare, so Ruby came to us in March of 2014 to live out her days.
She loved to kick up her heels from time to time and our 5 acre pasture gave her the chance to do just that with the other horses when the mood suited her.
Race horses are prone to injuries, fragile bones and permanent lameness issues caused from being raced when they are so very young. Most start their racing career at age two, meaning they are ridden as a yearling.   Competition at such a young age is so stressful to their growing bones and a very sad side of racing.

Ruby was no exception and an injury to her right hind leg during a storm on January 21st, had our sweet girl cross the rainbow bridge which freed her from any discomfort or pain. We have been touched she has been part of our herd and are glad she could live out those days free from any responsibilities with the joy of being just a horse.

I feel blessed to have shared so many tender moments with such a gentle soul.
We honor you Ruby, registered Jockey Club name Shanghaied, for your life of giving to others and though we miss you, we know you run with the wind in heaven carried by the the wings of the angel you have become.

Rest in peace our precious gem Ruby.
1991 to 1-21-15