Monday, August 11, 2014

These Boots Are Made For Walking.......

How many of you remember the song that Nancy Sinatra used to sing?   Well when we recently put boots on Babee, that is the first thing that popped into my mind!

On April 17, 2014 we rescued Babee on the day she was going to be euthanized by her owner because she had foundered so badly that she couldn't walk.  At the request of and working with Dr. Kari Christianson of North Country Veterinary Clinic we asked the owner if we could take xrays to see if we could rehabilitate her rather than put her down. By the end of the day her feet had been given nerve blocks for transport and she was on her way to our facility. She was 300 pounds overweight and her long term laminitis had turned to severe founder.  She was in extreme pain and we have been working diligently with Dr. C. and our farrier so she can hopefully recover completely.

This is Babee her first day here:
Her pain was so bad she had to stand stretched out with her weight on her back legs.

She immediately received therapeutic shoes and pads on her front feet to protect them as they grew out and she started to heal.  Her hoof growth was so slow that it was almost 3 months before they had grown long enough to remove them. Once we took them off her feet were so brittle that they were splitting and chipping and she was ouchy walking around. She has row after row of fever/laminitis rings on her hooves that show months and months of trauma and are just now starting to show a little regrowth.

We put her back on Previcox pain management and contacted Poppy Phillips at, long time practitioner and friend to EqWBR, to advise us what the best herbs would be to reduce the inflammation, help with pain and build strong hooves for Babee. Poppy provides a wide range of holistic therapies animals and humans and has made a huge difference in our ability to provide for the 'WellBeing' of our horses and we love her dearly!  She is also helping with Fancy's cancer treatment.

I ordered from Starwest Botanicals and specially blended batches for Fancy & Babee
Then I did research on various trail boots, got input from our followers who use boots and decided to contact Easy Care Inc.  I had the pleasure of speaking with a wonderful lady named Shari, who was able to help me determine which boot of the huge selection would work best, help with sizing and then she went a step farther assisted us in getting the boots Babee needed, two different sizes so we couldn't get a pair, at a discount price to help us save as an equine rescue.  We simply can't thank Shari and the folks at Easy Care enough. These boots are making a HUGE difference in Babee's care.

Easy Care Inc.'s Old Mac's G2 boots for Babee
And here is Babee with her new "Old Mac's G2" on:
These Boots Are Made For Walking!
As you can see from the picture she is able to stand on her front feet, put full weight on each and she is moving much more freely around the pasture.  Movement is so essential to her recovery, not only does it help keep her weight down and replace the fat with muscle, but it helps with circulation in the hoof assisting better growth.  The pads within the boot and the rugged soles give her the support and protection she needs through this healing process. Complete regrowth of her hoof can take up to a year or more and these boots will make such a huge difference on a daily basis.

We thank you all for your support, donations and continued well wishes for Babee's recovery.  A few weeks ago I was worried that we may need to consider putting her down, but we are on the right track again and with persistence and continued care I am hopeful that one day, she may even be adoptable and somebody's very special riding horse. 

August 10, 2014
Christine Griffin,
Founder & President
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