Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - Update on resent rescues.

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day to you all from the horses at EqWBR who love you with all their hearts.

Mike's Auction hip #209 colt with umbilical hernia 2-9-13
I wanted to take this time to update you on recent rescues.   Many of you don't even know that over this past weekend, we rescued a weanling (approximately 4-6 months old) from Mike's Auction in Mira Loma.

I saw this picture on Facebook with a note that he had an umbilical hernia.  It is hard enough to sell young ones at auction, but one that needs surgery, impossible.  Ashley and Will where on their way up to the auction to check things out.  Ashley bid on him for EqWBR and it's a good thing because the only other bidder was a known killbuyer (KB).  Ashley got him for $20 over the KB's final bid.

Get me out of there!
Ashley Henry with Liam heading home  2-10-13

With fees, it was $200 to buy him from auction.   The KB drove the price up on purpose, a healthy weanling will go for $50-$100.   But we got him.   On Sunday,  Ashley and Will took their day to go back up with our trailer and pick him up.   Ashley said he whinnied when he saw her.

From picture above you can see he had no trouble leaving the auction lot as they are making their way to the truck and trailer at the end of the driveway.  He loaded with no problem and Ashley said he was clearly handled before coming to the auction because he showed no fear or worry about leaving with her.

Fuel and some funds so they could get dinner after their long trip was an additional $150 to get this sweet boy to the ranch in Ramona.   He has a heart shape on his forehead.   Here is the video of him getting out of the trailer.

Kirsten Lawrence is now helping daily with the horse at the ranch in Ramona and she helped him get settled in by finding a blanket, halter and lead rope for him, fresh water, hay, salt block and shelter from the upcoming rain.   We also started him with a small dose of dewormer because foals his age with hay bellies like his, usually have parasite issues.    A trimmer will be called to do his feet as soon as his quarantine is over.    We are trying to raise $400 to cover those initial costs and in the next months he will need to be castrated and have the umbilical hernia corrected at the same time, so that will probably be and additional $500  (which is why we knew no one but a kill buyer would bid on him).

Liam - weanling colt with umbilical hernia saved from kill buyer at Mike's Auction
We asked Will to name him so this little guys name is Liam.   Irish for William and he has red hair.  Perfect.

Maverick - skin and bones the day he arrived from Riverside A/C
On 2-1-13, we rescued an emaciated gelding from the Riverside Animal Control that we named Maverick in honor of a EqWBR supporter's beloved dog.  Because his health was so severe he needed feeding every few hours, our friend and fellow rescuer, Jen Baker (Baker Ranch Equine Rescue) is providing that care for him at her place in Ramona for the next 4-8 weeks.  

Dr. Christi Garfinkel examined him and did complete bloodwork, calling his condition 'guardedly optimistic'.  All his blood levels were below normal, not unexpected for a horse with such mal-nutrition in his mid 20's.  It will be a slow recovery and the first few days at Jen's he was just not responsive.  He got his feet trimmed, a bath on one of the 80 degree days and with Jen's TLC he has cheered up and is starting to feel at home.  His fecal exam revealed no parasites.  Glad we did the fecal so he didn't get deworming drugs that weren't needed.

2-1-13 bath and pedicure
A few days later Maverick got a visit from Dr. Dawn Fletcher an equine chiropractor who has been working with us for years and previously fostered Precious for us.   She said his knees reflected some sort of injury, but unlike Precious, he had good range of motion on all legs and was easily able to support his weight when one foot was picked up.  Though thin he had remarkable motion in his spine and no muscle tightness.  The muscles in his face were great and led her to believe that he has had regular dentistry.  He has a super sturdy build and when he gets weight back on could ever and would probably enjoy having a child ride him.  He seems to want and be used to having a job.   Dr. G. felt the same way.

2-11-13 Do you see the smile on his face?  Maverick is so happy!
On Sunday the 10th, barefoot trimmer Dani Lloyd stopped by to take a look at the balance of his feet, which from pictures look way off, but she said they had been trimmed perfectly and with his knees as bad as they are, it will be a slow, conservative process to to make him comfortable and in the meantime the Previcox he is taking should help with the pain.   Thank you Dani for donating your time.   Dani thought he was awesome and was so glad he was getting a chance to live his remaining years being well cared for.   

The funds raised so far have helped cover the transport $100, $30 trim, vet bill of $341.96, Chiropractic $90, Supplements $25,  plus his feeds, hay, salt block, treats, etc.   He will need blood work in another six weeks and more frequent conservative trims to get his feet into shape.   When I get back in March, I can do his dentistry and sheath cleaning.    After the blood work we will determine which vaccines he needs and create a game plan going forward.    Makes me smile!

Miss Kitty in training with Cindy Moon since Oct. 2012
We currently have Miss Kitty available for adoption.   She is one of the orphaned foals we rehomed a year ago and came back because she was not the right fit for the family - she was still to nervous around people.  John Alcorn worked with us to get her halter broke and then we sent her to Hidden Moon Ranch to get multiday training with Cindy and she has been with them since last Oct.   She has come a long way and is become very comfortable with people, is a very willing learner and currently knows more than most yearlings her age.   Spending the funds on training is what will make the difference between her having a future or being passed around.   We got a wonderful donation of $400 to cover the first month of training.   Additional donations are welcome.  If you know anyone interested in adopting, please give them my number 760-703-4860.   She is currently at Hidden Moon Ranch in Ramona.     Here is a recent video:

Also in training is Prince William.   Cindy and Jared picked him up on Feb. 1st and are going to train him under saddle so we can adopt him out as rideable.   William has been with us since 2009, our first orphaned foal and was very, very ill.  He will be four this year and we felt confident his build was ready to take on a rider.  He is getting 5 days of training a week, 20 lessons a month for $400.  We provide all the hay for both he and Miss Kitty.    Again, donations to help with his training are greatly appreciated.

Prince William - emaciated Paso Fino foal 12-30-09

Prince William - at Hidden Moon Ranch for training 2-1-13
In September I transported two horses out of the Riverside Animal Control, Warrior and Max.   Warrior came to EqWBR for quarantine and initial care before going to his final destination Journey's End Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Kingman, AZ.    We delivered him to Kingman November.

Warrior 09-2012 from Riverside Animal Control

Max 09-2012 from Riverside Animal Control

Max was emaciated when I picked him up.  Jen fattened him up and then asked if we could provide a forever home for him at the ranch in AZ so he moved to the Ramona ranch with Gwen and Danny till they can all move to bigger pastures in Snowflake.   Here is a picture of the three of them about a week ago.

By taking Max now, that gave Jen the room needed to do the initial foster care that Maverick needs that we are funding so he can get well and live with these three.   

Danny, the chestnut we rescued last fall after the therapeutic riding facility he was at blew its well and had to disperse all their horses.   Gwen, Danny and Max are all elderly gaited horses.

In addition to the horses we have physically helped this year we have networked to rehome a small group of Arabians whose owner died.  A Fallon feedlot mare named Savannah, who was given away by another rescues adopter to what she thought was a good home and two weeks later was on San Diego's Craigslist for sale then disappeared.  Lots of time was spent finding the horse and finally on Sunday, Feb10th, Savannah was transported by Jaide Oliver (one of our volunteers) to safety.  That got pretty hairy and a LOT of behind the scenes work was done to facilitate this save. We also did a blog on Touleo the sweet Arabian gelding who now has a teenager that adores him.
So far this year, with your support, we have been able to help more than a dozen horses get to safety and better lives.  And for some as you can see, it was a matter of life or death.  So on this Valentine's day - a day  that symbolizes LOVE, we wanted to send you love from all the horses at EqWBR,

Little Liam, Maverick, Miss Kitty, Price William, Max, Danny , Gwen and the others now safely in their new homes.

Thank you so much from everyone at EqWBR too.   Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


 Your donation is appreciated so very much!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet Maverick - Now safe!

First of all I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support to get this horse from Riverside Animal Control (RAC) so he would not go on their 'to be killed' list.   This middle aged gelding was abandoned and roaming a park in Riverside county and Jen Baker of Baker Ranch Equine Rescue in Ramona was contacted by Donna Caplan. Donna dedicates many hours each week as a volunteer at RAC who goes over to the holding facility and gives these horses extra TLC and tries to find someone to take them and save them.    

Jen isn't really set up to take on an additional horse right now and we worked with Donna last year when we rescued Precious and also last fall transported Warrior and Max out of RAC.  Max is now at EqWBR after Jen got his health back so she can help Maverick for the short term. Working in coordination with Jen, I said let's do it together.  Jen is going to foster Maverick for EqWBR over these next touchy weeks as he rebuilds his strength and we can assess his short term and long term needs.  Then he will join Danny, Gwen and Max in our oldsters group at the ranch.

Maverick's arrival in Ramona 1-31-13
Working with Donna, we arranged for the vet at RAC to administer a dose of Bute to help ease any pain he might have from the trailer ride to Ramona.  They provided that service for $10 and gave it to him about 1/2 hour before Jen got there.   Donna was there to help load him up, give a hug and send Jen on her way.

Maverick 1-31-13 approx 15-20 years old
As you can see he was hungry when he got there and settled into a flake of alfalfa and a little mash.  As we put weight back on a horse this emaciated, you feed smaller more frequent meals to not overwhelm their systems.   UC Davis has a regimen that the standard for feeding an emaciated horse.   We add Purina's Enrich 32 which is a ration balancer and provides 100% of the daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and Lysine to promote tissue repair, is low carb and helps support the immune system   (click this link for details) .   Want to say thanks to Christina at Hawthorne Country Store for finding a $5 off coupon and setting aside their only bag for us to pick up yesterday and thank you to Joan Powell for making the trip to Escondido to pick it up.

I spent time on the phone this morning with Matt at Catt Farm & Ranch Supply to get the pelleted feed, stall shavings, salt block and other things Maverick will need ordered and ready for Jen to pick up today.  They have honored our tax-exempt status and help us with a 5% discount when we pay by check which helps stretch our donated dollars much farther, and help coordinate the needs of our horses including our fosters and allows us to keep track of expenditures for each horse which makes our bookkeeper really happy.

Maverick 1-31-13 at his foster home with Jen Baker (Baker Ranch Equine Rescue)
Look at this poor guys knees and pasterns.  They are hard and knobby, no doubt with arthritis and probably ringbone in his pasterns.    He still has shoes on and Jen said they weren't loose so she thinks they were put on within the last few months and he had saddle sores, so someone rode him in this condition.   Breaks my heart.   Ramiro came to remove the shoes today and trim his feet.  Jen will send me pictures later.

Maverick 1-31-13 - painful knees and pasterns
When I see his front legs it reminds me of Precious.  If he was a chestnut and not a bay, they would almost be carbon copies.  We rescued Precious on 2-12-12 from RAC after she had been abandoned and left to fend for herself in Riverside.   About the same size, build, age.....could it possibly be that they were owned by the same people?   

Precious 2-12-12 rescued from Riverside Animal Control

On Monday Dr. Christi Garfinkel will give Maverick a complete exam and blood panel so we can start a baseline for his medical chart and she will oversee his recovery through the next several months.  He will get the needed diagnostics, meds, vaccines, dentistry, parasite control, pain management, dietary needs and TLC as we help him regain his health.

Maverick 1-31-13
Finally I'd like to tell you that Maverick was named in honor of a beloved Cattle dog named Maverick.  Here is what his family said, "Thank you so much for naming him Maverick.  A week ago last Sunday, we had to send our little old cattle dog named Maverick to the Lord to take care of   He was the sweetest non-complaining do we ever had.  We only had him five years; he was old when we adopted him.  He had high blood pressure, was on thyroid medicine, had an anal adenocarcinoma removed two years ago, had Cushing's Disease, kidney stones, bad teeth (he was too old to have them cleaned) but he NEVER complained.  I REALLY love him and miss him, so when I saw this skinny neglected horse (Maverick was skinny and neglected when we adopted him) it reminded me of our Maverick.   I hope Maverick the horse flourishes like our little dog did and lives a long life."

We couldn't do this without the support of so many wonderful people.   YOU have helped us save his life and for as short or long as he lives, make it healthy, loving and happy.   We will keep you updated over the next few weeks so you know how he is doing and with some other exciting news we have for the horses at EqWBR.  If you would like to make a donation to help, just click the link below.

Thank you all!

Founder & Pres.

If you would prefer to send a check to EqWBR, PO Box 324, Ramona, CA  92065
The generosity of so many caring people allows us to care for these horses in need.

Equine WellBeing Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 Public Charity
Donations are tax-deductible
Federal Tax ID# 45-2835562