Monday, November 11, 2019

Check out our new website!!!!

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New Website Home page
After many weeks of input and edits our new website is finally LIVE!!! This new design should make it easier for people to read our website both on their SmartPhone and desktop.
Please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think!

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine

Thursday, November 7, 2019

A friend for Rimson

20191005 Intake for blog

On 10-5-19 we welcomed a new member to the EqWBR family. Buddie arrived to be a friend for Rimson thanks to a donation by Gary Hackney, who was visiting all the way from Washington state to help with chores around the rescue. Finding out that we had wanted to get a companion for Rimson that was his size and age, he offered funds for our search so we asked him to name the new foal and he chose Buddie.
20191102 Gary and Buddie

After looking at ads online for foals we purchased Buddie and he was transported to the rescue by his owner. We asked about the foals history but he had only had him 3 days so we don't really know his past. From his condition on arrival we knew he had been pulled from his mom and kept with other horses because he was thin from probably being chased off food and had bite marks all over his body.
20191005 cow hocked

Not only was Buddie underweight be we noticed his hind legs were not straight. They are both sickle hocked (not straight up and down under his body, more leaning forward) and cow hocked (like being knock kneed). The vets we consulted about the condition felt with good nutrition and exercise they should straighten out. We kept him quarantined and then introduced him to Rimson.
20191005 meeting each other

Buddie meeting Rimson.
Rimson wasn't sure who this pint sized creature was and seemed frightened of him at the beginning. We realized that Rimson couldn't look in a mirror to see that he was the same size. It was rather cute.
20191024 Lary helping with IV fluids

Buddie started to feel a little punky when the cold weather set in so Dr Helzer came out and we drew blood finding he had signs of a slight infection so we started treating him with antibiotics.
We already had him on Full Bucket Foal Probiotics to help his stomach absorb food better and closely watched his food, hay and water intake. Bloodwork also showed anemia and low protein so we added Vitamin B Complex.
After several days the antibiotics gave Buddie diarrhea so we discontinued them, installed a catheter and started him on IV fluids to prevent dehydration. He did get enough antibiotics to treat his infection. His appetite remained good through the treatment and after 3 sessions with IV fluids and the vitamin B complex along with the other supplements he started to perk up. We also gave him BioSponge to help end the diarrhea. Here is Lary helping me with one session of IV fluids.
20191024 head shot by leslie
20191101 Kelli Animal Krackers

Once he was feeling good and starting to put on weight Kelli from Animal Krackers came out to do body work with him. After being picked on by other horses before he came to us, he needed several adjustments and stretching and clearly felt better when Kelli was done. In addition to his body work and good nutrition we have added Equine Leg Magic mineral supplement to his diet to help get his posture better. Thank you Equine Leg Magic for donating your supplement for Buddie.
20191104 walking together

We now take the boys out for walks together as physical therapy for Buddie and good exercise for them both. They have become good friends which is what we were hoping for to begin with and they share each others food and take naps together all the time. Rimson still gets time to be out with the older horses, but it isn't too long before he wants to be back with his new best friend.

20191029 cold tempsWith our temperatures dropping below freezing some nights we blanket them as needed so Buddie doesn't burn up his calories trying to stay warm and during the warm sunny days the blankets are off so he will grow his winter coat. These two spend so much time together and it is fun to watch their friendship grow.
20191103 out walking

It will take many weeks before he his muscle and fat do a better job of covering his bones and by winter he should be at a normal weight for his age.
It has been too long since our last email to everyone but you can see we have been very busy. When we decided to purchase a friend for Rimson we had no idea we would get one with so many issues. When he arrived and we saw his condition we knew he landed in the right place so we could get him the care he truly needed. Another little blessing at the rescue.

Many, many thanks for all you do to help the rescue! Christine