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After 12 years Diesel is returning, can you help get him here??


20111027 Diesel and others

In the fall of 2011, we joined Debra Hawk and Troy Kelly, in their efforts to save dozen's of young horses whose mothers were shipped to Canada for slaughter. A wonderful lady named Lisa, sent us the funds to purchase the two foals in the picture above and get them shipped to the rescue for care. Both horses were exposed to the highly contagious disease called 'strangles' and the grey one you can see is very thin. .

20111029 Diesel so sick

Click here for more pictures of his rehab

October 28, 2011, both foals arrived at the rescue and the gray one was extremely sick. His breathing was labored, you can see he is emaciated, was running a fever and more. Diesel, named that because of deep the noise he made breathing, needed vet care, IV fluids and almost died in my arms as the abscesses in his neck around his throat would not allow him to swallow so I was feeding him water with a dose syringe till the vet could get there. It was touch and go that sleepless night not knowing if he would pull through.

Diesel 1-16-12

Well pull through he did with round-the-clock care, good nutrition and lots of love.

It took several months and Diesel was finally well enough to go to an adoptive home. A wonderful family came forward and with clean bill of health from the veterinarian, we approved his adoption to the Niven family. It was a bittersweet day when he went to his new home, but he deserved to have a loving family to call his own.

20120302 Diesel

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Many of you will no doubt remember Diesel, the orphaned foal and have followed his journey ever since. He even has his own Facebook Page (see below to read it).

I know some of our followers only know us from recent foal rescues like Sydney, Rimson, Buddie, Maisie and now Forest and Shooter, but our history of rescuing foals in need goes back to 2007 when the wild fires of San Diego county left a skinny, pregnant mare without a home, and shortly after a cute little foal named Quinn was born. Our first rescued foal. We have helped dozen's more since that time.

20191030 Diesel

2018 Diesel

Diesel grew up and was trained undersaddle. He was shown a little and even won a ribbon or two. He wasn't all that fond of working in the arena but he liked being out on trail.

Circumstances changed and Diesel got a new mom named, Heidi who loves him dearly too.

Unfortunately Diesel's mom was involved in a horrible head-on auto accident and her recovery has been slow and finances extremely tight. She told us about Diesel and her situation and we let her know we have a life-long return policy and he could come back to the rescue if she wanted.


It has been a most difficult decision, but putting his needs before hers, she decided Equine WellBeing Rescue would be best for him. We have helped with some medical bills for Diesel, he was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and xrays have shown an injury that was probably sustained as a foal has caused some arthritis in his spinal area which is very painful if ridden. The recommondation was to retire him so it is time for Diesel to come home to EqWBR.

We are reaching out to you to help us raise funds for the medical care we have provided already, $405 for diagnostics of Cushing's Disease, $382.70 for transportation exam, blood work and documents to travel, $625 for the cost of transport to the rescue and $547.50 to cover six months of medicine for pain managment and Cushing's Disease. Our total fundraising goal is $1960.20 and we have a matching donation for the first $500 in donations made.

When we rescued Diesel 12 years ago, we made a committment to him, as we have to all others, to be there for him throughout his life and open our doors if he needed to come back. He needs us now and we want to be there for him again. He will be picked up on March 15th in CA and should arrive here late in the day. If you can help with a donation of any amount, just click the donate button below and thank you so very much for helping us fulfill a life-long committement to this very sweet and beloved horse.

Equine WellBeing Rescue is a 501c3 public charity which is 100% volunteer run and managed. There is no paid staff or employees so funds donated goto the care of the equine at the rescue and others in need that we can help. Our volunteers are loving, caring and the best ever!!!!

There are lots of wonderful charities to support and we are honored and humbled by the support we get from you and your friends.

We want you to know YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!!!

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