Tuesday, November 23, 2021

King, the starved horse, 4 weeks after arrival.


20211026 New Arrival - Lynda Beal

Silver King intake photos 10-26-21

Hello, Everyone!

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday we have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

On 10-26-21 we brought a starved gelding home when the owners said they could not put weight on him and the local authorities had been out to their house several times and had given them our name. We offered advise on how to feed him to gain weight, but they were more interested in us taking him, so take him we did.

Our friend Lynda, who originally contacted us on 9-20-21, when she saw him while out at a yard sale, named him Silver King and we want to be sure he is treated like a king too.

20211123 141936

Weight on arrival and weight today 11-23-21

Since his arrival we put him on a refeeding diet recommended by U.C. Davis Veterinary School, had blood drawn to see if results showed a reason he would not gain weight, did a fecal test to be sure he wasn't loaded with worms, tested for sand in his stomach. Three veterinarians have seen him and all confirm his bloodwork shows long-term malnutrition. The fecal and sand tests were all negative so there is no obvious reason why he should not have a full recovery.

Using our 3,000 pound digital livestock scale makes it easy for us to track his weight gain (or loss) and 4 weeks after his arrival he has gained 155 pounds. Yes, 155 pounds.

20211122 100250
20211116 134916

Lynda grooming King while he enjoys breakfast.

Look at him now, you can see him starting to fill out and actually see some muscles. His coat is shiny and clean, and he has a sparkle in his eyes. In addition to his weight gain his demeanor has changed too. When he first arrived he was ravenous and very pushy. He would walk over you to get to his food and didn't want to engage with people at all.

Slowly, now that he realizes food is always there for him, he has relaxed and enjoys being brushed and loved on.

20211117 Bemer treatment

We started treating him with a Bemer blanket and leg wraps which helps open up blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to his digestive system, muscles and everywhere. This will promote better healing as he continues to gain weight and recover. Kellie has been out twice now to treat King and others.

We are finding the Bemer blanket and leg wraps are helping several of the other horses too, including Rimson who has so much scar tissue on his neck he needs constant therapy so it doesn't attach to his growing muscles.

Giving Tuesday

This year again we are participating in GivingTuesday the international day of giving. The Maverick Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation-San Diego, will match up to $5000 in donations to help the rescue and we would like to use the funds raised to purchase the Bemer therapeutic equipment so we have our own to use anytime it is needed. The cost of the Horse-Set is $4990.00 so if we can match the entire amount it will be like getting the Bemer for free. Any donations from now through next week will count. We will have more details on 11-30-21, GivingTuesday too.

Mostly today we just want to share how well King is doing with you. The biggest treat of all is watching him lay down to sleep knowing he will have food to eat when he wakes up and is hungry. He no longer fears being weak and unable to fend for himself. Rest is essential to his recovery and his emotional wellbeing. When we see a previously starved horse finally relax, we know they are on the mend and will continue to blossom as they heal.

We want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to let you know that we are thankful for the opportunity to bring King to the rescue and help him gain his health back and appreciate all you have done to help him.


20211123 101338

King sleeps peacefully, not worry when he will eat again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

2022 Calendars are here! Order NOW.


20211010 Teddy

Teddy says, "Get Your Calendars NOW!"

Hello, Everyone!


April calendar girl is Gypsy

2022 Calendars have arrived and they are so very pretty. This year we have included photos of adopted horses and donkeys along with those favorites still at the rescue like Teddy, the General, Buddie and Rimson.

By popular request this years version has a center spine and with beautiful pictures and inspirational phrases.

$25 per calendar plus shipping.

Sunset over Eqwbr

Gold at the end of the rainbow-calendar cover

Just reply to this email with the total number of calendars you would like. Please be sure to include the address you want your calendars shipped to.

We will let you know how much your total will be and your payment options when they are shipped.

Riannes donkeys

December snow bunnies.


We are so humbled by the support and love coming in for the sweet old gelding we rescued 10-26-21, and we wanted you to know he is responding to the good food and tender loving care and is already putting on weight and looking better.

He has been named Silver King because he is being treated like a king.

We will send out a separate email update with pictures, till then we just want to thank you SO MUCH!

20211101 Saving me

Silver King rescued 10-26-21