Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring Cleaning at Peyton's Place

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Peyton s Place-1110
Spring Cleaning at Peyton's Place as part of the ASPCA's Help a Horse day was the first time we have opened the rescue up to the public for an event and what a day it was. The weather was perfect.
For this tiny, rural community we had an extraordinary turn out of 33 people. Many drove over an hour to get here.
It's one thing to have an open house where people come just to visit. It is another to ask the public to give up their Saturday and labor on hard projects that need to be done at the rescue in exchange for a free lunch, some prizes and fun. But come they did and we are grateful.
Peyton s Place-1291
The biggest project of the day was removing all the pipe panels from the north side of the barn and creating drainage so when the monsoons hit the stalls will not be standing mud that is slippery and dangerous.
Peyton s Place-1903
Peyton s Place-1989
A trench was dug and filled with driveway rock similar to making a french drain and the stall areas were filled with a fine cinder to make a good footing. There was a lot of manual labor with shovels and rakes to make the stalls nice and level. It looks FABULOUS. Crew: Lary, Nick, Craig & Jonathan.
20170429 finished stalls
Finished project.
Peyton s Place-1895
Peyton s Place-1621
The second major project was removing everything from the feed room so a new counter top could be installed replacing the six foot table we were using.
When we bought the ranch we removed the corian counter tops in the house. We saved them for just such a project.
Peyton s Place-1328
Peyton s Place-1625
With the feed room empty, the floors were swept, the counter installed, all the items cleaned and everything put back in an orderly way.
Now we have more room to store things under the counter and more work space on top. We just LOVE it. Crew: John, Nancy, Dee, Holly & Sara.
20170422 180337
Peyton s Place-1437
Project number three and a huge endeavor was trimming up many of the juniper pines to make it safer for our sight deficit horses. Now the horses, donkeys, minis have shade and more shelter from the elements.
Peyton s Place-1443
Peyton s Place-1400
Peyton s Place-1768
All the branches needed to picked up, hauled away and unloaded. Towards the end of the day we were using the Land Limo with the big trailer, a quad with a trailer and the bucket of the tractor to move them all.
Crew: Wendall, Roger, Deb, Sharon & Linda. Then everyone pitched in to finish.
Project four Kristi, Ginny V and Linda L tackled by driving around the property and removing all the old, downed electric rope fencing. They cut it in sections, pulled it from the dirt, bagged it and took it to the dumpster. Huge thanks to the Bruners for bringing their quad and trailer.
Peyton s Place-1856
Peyton s Place-1352
Long time volunteer and foster Ginny S, took the lead on the painting which was project five. These pipe panels will be used May 6th when we attend and Adopt-A-Thon at the Petsense store in Show Low. With the help of Vivian, Peyten and Kylie they look awesome.
Peyton s Place-1657
Peyton s Place-1757
Project number six was sprucing up the EqWBR garden. We purchased some new annuals, a few perennials and herbs to brighten up the entrance area on the barn and welcome people with cheery colors. The garden looks so pretty.
Peyton s Place-1636
20170422 180230-1
The ladies even went up to the house and brought back empty pots so they could be added to the garden area. Crew: Nilda, Gail, Linda H, Vivian, Lisa and her daughter Stevey.
Peyton s Place-2892
A day doesn't go by at the rescue without some poop scooping and the event was no exception. Christine W and Cindy helped cleaning stalls and they got a chance to visit with the horses and minis at the same time.
Peyton s Place-1489
Grooming was another wonderful way for people to spend time with the horses and minis. Fran is 87 years old, she and her daughter Christine, took such loving care with Missy who enjoyed every moment.
Peyton s Place-2341
With the garden planted, the rope fencing picked up and the pipe panels painted, it was time to create a horse of different colors. Gwen was relaxed and patient as kids and adults dipped their hands in washable paint decorated her from head to tail.
Horse painting and Ginny kissing
Peyton s Place-2754
From 8 year old Peyten to 87 year old Fran, a first time for everyone to have this kind of fun.
After pictures were taken, Gwen was given a relaxing bath.
Peyton s Place-3094
With most of the projects complete is was time for all to relax to a great lunch. Each person was given a ticket and after lunch everyone got chose from various colored EqWBR hats and t-shirts as a "Thank you" for all their help.
Peyton s Place-3111
Peyton s Place-1934
Throughout the day people got to take time to hang out with the horses, donkeys and minis. To the right is Stevey with the mini mules and below is Deb, Sharon and Linda with Peyton and Pablo.
Peyton s Place-896
Peyton s Place-898
As promised people got to spend time with our ear-less horse Peyton. We rescued him from a large neglect case in South Dakota where as a foal he lost his ears to frostbite. Though untrained, he has such a gentle soul and loved the attention.
Peyton s Place-1972
The beautiful photos were taken by Linda East of Linda Gayle Photography, who took over 4,000 pictures and spent hours editing them for our viewing pleasure.
Immeasurable thanks go to everyone who worked so hard and to those who donated, raising $500 at the event. We are humbled by your generosity.
Linda E, Nick & Nilda, Ginny S, Deb, Sharon, Roger & Vivian, Kristi & Craig, John & Ginny, Gail & Wendall, Lisa C & Stevey, Nancy, Holly, Sara, Linda L, Tara, Peyten, Kylie & Jonathon, Dee, Linda H, Christine W & her mom Fran, Cindy, Lisa W and Barbara Bruce who covered the story for the regional paper.
You helped get SO much done in one day. You truly made the event live up to the title "Help A Horse Day".
Peyton s Place-2952
Supplies needed and lunch were made possible by a wonderful donation from our friends, Beth Williams Realty Executives-White Mountains and Bullseye Construction, both in Show Low, AZ.
Special thanks to Kris Munson who is recuperating from knee surgery and created our lovely event flyer. xoxox
On behalf of all the horses, donkeys, mini donkeys and mini mules, Peyton says "THANK YOU!"

Friday, April 7, 2017

ASPCA Help a Horse Day 4-22-17

This will be our first year participating in the ASPCA's Help a Horse Day by holding our annual spring cleaning and fixing day on 4-22-17.

Please join us!

You can click this to Register Now!    Let us know how many will be attending and their ages.

If you are unable to join the work party but would like to donate, just click this link


Thank you all so much!


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Six Mini Mules saved from Killpen

On March, 9th, in coordination with Equine Rescue Network, we saved the lives of six of depressed looking mini mules from the killpens in Bastrop, LA. From there they went to quarantine near Fort Worth, TX and last week they finally arrived at the rescue, tired, malnourished and in need of EqWBR TLC.
20170401 decompression
After a few days they were finally starting to relax even though we had some unexpected snow and cold weather so we we started our intake exams. We found we have two males and four females.
20170330 105600
With help we are able to confine them between a pipe panel and the stall wall where we gently talk and handle them.
This little sweet heart was one of the first we were able to examine and we found she had a rotting baby tooth that should have shed when her adult tooth came in, but it didn't.
We removed the rotten tooth and she was so good letting us do this since she is not trained, none of them are trained. We also took her temperature, height and weight as we will for all of them.
20170330 103733-1
Here is a picture of the tooth before being removed. Her permanent tooth came in behind it and food was decaying between the two teeth, can't tell you how bad it smelled. In addition to being uncomfortable for her, that kind of decay can also cause low grade infection and runny nose and she did have a runny nose. Both the tooth and the runny nose are now gone. Yay!
Now that they have been here a week and they are settling in we can deworm them, work with handling them so we can get their feet done, give them vaccines, microchips and what ever else they need. We have also been looking for adopters who will provide wonderful long-term homes and a few will be going to loving families later this month.
Cost so far include the rescue from the killpen, quarantine, transport and health care costs and hay at over $2700.
Cart web photo
We were blessed by the donation of the beautiful mini cart from the Newton family, which was purchased by Brianna for $700. We thought a cart that transports people was the perfect fundraising item to help with some of the costs of transporting the mini mules.
If you would like to help us with a donation for these little cutie pies that would be such a big help.


20170329 171639-1
We are so glad that we have been able to change the lives for these little ones. From their paperwork they are from all over the central southern states and have been without a family to love them for quite some time.
Thank you so much,
Christine Griffin - Founder, President and primary caregiver.

Monday, April 3, 2017

AZ Gives and EqWBR

4-4-17 is AZ Gives Day, a day dedicated to raising funds for approved public charities in the state of Arizona and this year Equine WellBeing Rescue has met the criteria to be a participant.

There is lots of wonderful information, pictures and testimonials from our followers at our link so please take a moment to click the link and read our page.

Click this link to go to Equine WellBeing Rescue's page

Not every follower is in Arizona so if you wish to donate direct to us through PayPal use email: or mail a check to PO Box 2722, Snowflake, AZ  85937. 

All donations are tax deductible.  IRS-EIN 45-2835562

We are a small, 100% volunteer organization so every dollars is so appreciated.

Thank you all so very much!