Saturday, November 19, 2022

AMAZING Miss Maisie - Thank you for your love.


2022-11-15 Maisie being weighed

Maisie 11-15-22

2022-11-15 Final weight

11-15-22 Maisie

Tuesday morning, we loaded Maisie up, so excited to be taking her back to Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center to discuss possible surgery on her front tendons to reduce the constriction to her front legs that was not allowing them to straighten as she grows. The next step in her long healing process now that the soles of her hooves are growing strong.

Excited too that she has gained 160 pounds since arrival in Feb. 2022 emaciated with a body condition score of 1 and is now a normal weight for her age and size.

2022-11-15 Maise xrays

Upon arrival Dr D mentioned how good she looked from the last time she saw her in mid-April.

Maisie was super good standing for her xrays as we waited to discuss the tendon surgery, what would be involved and how long her recovery would take.

The xrays showed us something none of us were prepared for.... Maisie’s front coffin bones were resorbing, disintegrating. 1/3 to 1/2 of them were already gone. Gone!

We had just done xrays a few month ago and they were 100% there, how could this be? At this rate of resorption, she would have no coffin bone at all before spring. Imagine no bone from your ankle down to support your foot, this is what was going to happen.

2022 Maise in sunbeams small

Maisie June 2022

Surgery on her tendons would do nothing to stop the resorption, it would only cause additional pain on top of the pain she was feeling with the bone inside of her hooves disintegrating.

Questions were asked and answered, this was not something that could be fixed and very painful 24 hours a day. Maisie had already been on pain meds for months.

The heartbreaking decision to end her pain, and I mean HEARTBREAKING, was made as we all stood there in tears knowing this was what was best for her.

hands to heaven

I am sobbing as I write this because it hurts so badly and I know you are as shocked as we are.

We know she was met at heaven's door by her mother who tragically died of starvation when Maisie was only a few months old.

That mother and daughter are reunited, both whole with no pain is the bright light in such a sorrowful time.

Maise prayer

Created by Michele for Maisie

She was buried here at the ranch in a special spot and we know that she knew she was so LOVED every day she was in our care.

She knew love!!!

We cannot thank all of those involved in her care since February enough. You dedicated your time to helping her feel better and showed her kindness and love which I know she felt.

Many others helped with donations and prayers and she felt your love too.

She brought joy to so many through her antics and good nature and will be missed very deeply.

Maisie says Thank you

Run pain free, our beautiful and sweet girl, run in paradise at your mom's side.

Together again, FOREVER

20221018 140758

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