Tuesday, June 15, 2021

We are hauling lifesaving water to the animals again.


20210608 Decker Tank 146-124 a

6-8-2021 We started putting water in the Apache-Sitgreaves Natl Forest. This is Lynn Pace's truck dumping 1000 gallons.

Not much snowfall this past winter and very little rainfall so far this year is creating another exceptional drought and the need for water to be delivered to the national forest to keep all the animals alive till hopefully the monsoons start. Many people have been hauling water for weeks now and on June 7th we finally got the call from the local forest service office asking if we could help again this year like we did in 2018.

20210608 Decker Tank 146-124 b

Lynn dropping 1000 gallons of water in an earthen tank

Assigned two specific locations to put our troughs and water, we were also asked if we could assist another permittee (you must have a permit from the forest service to leave water troughs or deliver water) because she had to go out of town for an emergency. Lynn Pace, White Mountain Water Hauling started putting water in that earthen tank the 6-8-21.

20210608 Hauling tote donated by Don and Cathy

Don & Cathy donated a 275 gallon water tender

That evening Lary and I picked up a 275 gallon water tender donated by Don and Cathy. Having this in my truck allows us to fill and top of our water troughs placed in the forest as needed and to provide in other location if needed. Huge thanks to both of them.

20210609 Jineane Ford helping fill troughs

Wednesday, June 9th, with troughs loaded on our trailer, Jineane Ford of White Mountain Radio's Z92 morning show and I drove seven miles down a bumpy forest road to drop off and fill our first trough. The fittings I had purchased to attach a hose to the nozzle didn't work so we unhooked the utility trailer, backed up to the trough and let the water flow into the trough, luckily almost all of it made into the trough.

20210610 alex filling troughs hall tank

Alexandria helping me lug troughs and fill with water

Thursday, June 10th, our grand-niece Alex and I made the trip to our second permitted location with more troughs and more water. This location also has an earthen tank so the animals have the choice of our troughs or water in the tank. Temps have been in the high 90's so there is some evaporation in addition to the decline as they drink.

20210609 horses at Hall Tank

Hall Tank - our permitted location has some water but is getting low.

20210612 Lary and Karin filling troughs at Hall tank

Lary & Karin filling troughs.

Early Saturday, June 12th, we got some help from Zeke and Deb who delivered water to this tank and topped off our black trough. Our oblong, metal trough had a slow leak so we loaded up several troughs and replaced the leaky one, dried and resealed it.

This was family day as my 86 year old mother and our sis-in-law rode with Lary and I. We topped the newly placed round trough off and headed to a different location to drop one of our troughs off to a friend, Mike Radford, who is hauling to a nearby tank running low. We left a 400 gallon trough for his use and delivered three other troughs to another permittee so he could place and fill them as he needs giving him an additional 1050 gallons capacity.

20210613 Lynns truck by Kathy Reidhead

Lynn Pace continues to drop water with her large trucks. She has put a total of 20,000 gallons in the earthen tank for Betty (another permittee) and has now started to put 20,000 gallons in Hall Tank over the next 10-14 days (2000 went in today, 18,000 more to be added) and keeping our troughs full. In my report to the forest service today we have put 24,075 gallons of water out since 6-8-21. Huge thanks to Zeke and Deb who put 1100 gallons out for us and will now be back to helping Betty at their permitted location.

Screenshot 20210612 Gray Mtn call for help with water

On Saturday I saw a plea from the Grey Mountain Horse Heroes for additional water to help the herds north of Flagstaff and on Sunday spoke with Beth who has been coordinating both water and hay for the wild horses in that area. Wanting to help we have sent $1000 to their water hauler, Mark at Right Water to make an extra 4000 gallon delivery each of the next four weeks. He has been going out once a week lately and can now increase it to two. To help them have more water capacity we purchased a 700 gallon water trough from Olsen's Grain in Flagstaff at a cost of $435.63, which was taken up to the horses yesterday. Also, to help with the lack of grazing grasses through our Hope's Legacy Emergency Food Fund we purchased $1000 worth of hay for the Gray Mountain horses too.

20210608 Decker Tank 146-124 c

So far in this past week we have invested $4337.63 in the trough, water from water haulers and fuel for our smaller water tenders delivering to our permitted locations. Cost per 1000 gallons is $60. We anticipate the need will last another 4-8 weeks so any donations to help continue to provide water and troughs till the rains come will be much appreciated.

While the pictures here are of horses, we know that deer, antelope, elk, birds, small cats and other wildlife have also been drinking the water. Your support to help provide water for ALL the animals is needed and so very much appreciated. To make a tax deductible donation just click our Donate Now! button and scroll down our donation page to use PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, Venmo and there are instructions for sending checks.

Together we can keep the lifesaving water flowing and help prevent dehydration or worse yet death as we have seen in past years. We thank you in advance for your support and sharing this need with your friends.

Let's do this!!!!!!

Christine and everyone at EqWBR

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