Monday, April 19, 2021

Marshall - the amusement park horse.


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Marshall, Sheriff and Pistol at EqWBR 5-5-12

In the spring of 2012 it came to our attention that five horses that had been retired from a southern CA amusement park were going to be sent to auction by the broker who handled horses for that company. In a joint effort with Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue we raised funds and were able to purchase all five horses to ensure they would not be purchased by killbuyers and sent to slaughter. On May 5, 2012, three of the horses arrived at our Ramona, CA, facility and first the first time in a decade were turned out in pasture to kick up there heals. We named them Marshall, Sheriff and Pistol and it was amazing to watch them run the pasture in the same order they were harnessed when pulling the stage coach or other carriages.


Marshall 5-6-12

Sheriff was adopted by a family wanting a older, beginner safe horse, Pistol went to TERI Therapeutic Equestrian Center and in August 2012, Marshall was adopted along with one of the orphaned foals rescued from the Fallon Feed lot in October 2011, both he and Blossom went to live in the country on a 40 acre hobby ranch and enjoy their days in wide open spaces.

Circumstances changed and in July of 2019, both Marshall and Blossom were returned to the rescue. Happy to have them back we were unsure if we would ever find a home interested in two mature, unrideable horses that were best friends.

201912 Transporting to Rinas

Marshall and Blossom headed to their new home

We were very blessed with Rina and James came to the rescue and fell in love with both of them. They adopted both and the two remained at the rescue for a few months while the Flanigan's got their home completely set up for horses. In December 2019, we trailered Marshall and Blossom to their forever home were we knew without a doubt they would be so loved and well cared for.

Sadly yesterday we got the news that Marshall needed emergency medical care and it was determined that with is health issues to let him cross the rainbow bridge would be the kindest thing for him.

At age 24, Marshall brought joy to everyone who rode the stage coaches and carriages he pulled at Knotts Berry Farm. Marshall brought joy to two families that loved him dearly and he brought happiness to us and all of our volunteers that loved and cared for him.

We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who loved him, especially the Flanigan family who made the most loving, yet heartbreaking decision of his life. He was blessed to be part of your family.

He truly was a gift to so many.

May you Run In Paradise (RIP) with all those waiting at heaven's gate for you to come play.

marshall with quote

Marshall - 1997 to 2021

With sadness,
Christine and everyone at EqWBR

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