Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Team Depot Water-Electric Project Completed


During our Open House in 2019 we were approached by a very nice couple who saw our recently built shelters in the pastures and they asked if there were any other projects we needed help with. I told them how dragging 150 foot hoses through the snow to put water in all the troughs and numerous extension cords to each of those troughs to run tank heaters to prevent the ice from forming was not safe and hard work. If we could trench underground water and electric from the Griffin's house to the pastures and the out buildings the rescue uses we would no longer need to do that. In addition, that would allow us to have lights and power in the office, hay barn, machine shed and any place else needed for the rescue A lofty dream and one I had dreamed of often.

Home Depot Foundation pic

One year and three months later, boots hit the ground and the project was finally completed thanks to a grant from The Home Depot Foundation, Team Depot volunteers from the Show Low, AZ store, volunteers from the rescue, and that very special couple, John and Donna.

20201112 Lary fueling the trencher

It took an entire day to get all the trenching done for the electric to be brought from the Griffin's house out to the buildings and pastures. The job was made easier with the Ditch Witch the Show Low, AZ Home Depot allowed us to use. The water hydrants were installed and a post at each location for the electrical boxes to be installed. Six volunteers were able to get all that done in one day.

20201112 Lary Craig Joey working trenches
20201112 Thursday crew
20201113 All volunteers ready to work

On November 13th, we had 9 management and other employees from Home Depot who took there personal time off to come help, and 14 community and EqWBR volunteers to do a variety of tasks needed to complete the project. Conduit needed to be buried to run the electrical lines, water pipe laid in the trenches, rocks hauled to finish the water hydrant installation, lights hung and connected, electric boxes placed and outlets installed, and electrical wire run and connected a new fuse box located closer to the barn. See the following pictures.

20201113 Volunteers gluing conduit
20201113 Mari Lenton hauling rock
20201113 Casey haning lights
20201113 Craig-John-Joey-HD Volunteer- prepping wire
2020113 running elec wire from house thru conduit
20201113 HD Crew with Poco

We were excited to have the folks from Home Depot meet the horses, donkeys and minis at the rescue and see what we do here in Snowflake. They listened as we told them the story of Poco, the Brave Little Burro who wandered in the wild, injured, for 11 years before being rescued and his mini friend Teddy who is over 30 years old, both who recently came to live at EqWBR.

It was so good to see them enjoying their time with the fur babies.

20201113 Lunch

With all the phenomenal help we were done early and all enjoyed a lunch provided by Beth Williams Realty Executives of the White Mountains. The most frequent comment I heard was how much fun everyone had even though we were working.

20201115 lights in the hay barn and machine shed

Sunday the 14th we had just a little bit of work left installing the outlets in each of the electrical boxes at each pasture and the power was hooked up from the 200amp service at the Griffin's house to the 60 amp service box by the barn and turned both the water and power on. Now to see how well all the lights looked we had to wait until dark, really dark. Here are pictures of the hay barn and machine shed, back of those buildings and back of the barn and finally the front on the barn and sides.

20201115 lights on the back of the hay barn-machine-shed and barn
20201115 the lights are all on

The changes will make work in the wintertime, when it is dark before 5pm, so much easier and the lighting extends way out in the pastures and even into Poco and Teddy's stall. If we need to put hay out at night, want to work with any of the equines or have an emergency, we are now better able to deal with it so things will be safer for all. No more flashlight, headlights, headlamps....we can now see.

Those who help with the chores have it so much easier with the water hydrants and the water troughs fill faster, no more dragging hoses and the water pressure is even better. All of us at EqWBR feel blessed and again extend our thanks to everyone involved in seeing this wish come true.

The Home Depot Foundation
Home Depot Management and employees from the Show Low, AZ store.
Equine WellBeing Rescue volunteers and adopters who helped.
Beth Williams Realty - Realty Executives of the White Mountains.
John & Donna


Equine WellBeing Rescue, Inc. is its own non-profit corporation managed by a board of directors and 100% volunteer run and operated. There are no paid employees or staff. Everyone working together makes EqWBR possible.

Unlike small animal rescues such as the Humane Society located in their owned buildings on public streets, we are located on a families private property and as such, are open to visitors by appointment only.

We are thankful to the Griffin family who let EqWBR use their barn, pastures, out buildings and facilities within the Griffin private ranch for $1.00/year. We would not be able to help as many horses, donkeys and minis without such generosity. We thank them for their love of equines and support of EqWBR.

We are an IRS approved 501c3 so donations made to EqWBR are tax-deductible. IRS #45-2835562 incorporated in 2011 after having been a private rescue since 2006. Thank you ALL for your support!!!!

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