Tuesday, December 8, 2020

#GivingTuesday - A day of Giving


Giving Tues 2020

Hello, Friends!

You have helped us change so many lives this year. Definitely a year of challenges for so many and together we have helped make those lives better.

EqWBR Covid-19 Food Fund

Starting with our Emergency Food Fund which has helped 12 families and one large equine rescue feed 76 horses, donkeys and minis using $4261.82 in funds. Eight of those equine ended up being surrendered to the rescue, their owners no longer able to care for them even with our temporary support.

20200505 Sable Collage

Three of those surrender were Sable, Rain and Willow. Sable was so thin she was close to death. Rain and Willow recovered months faster than Sable who took over six months to gain enough weight to be considered normal.

2020-6-14 Rain at 7 weeks rehab

Rain arrived on April 25th, along with Sable and Willow, she too was skin and bones. Temps in the 70's and still covered with winter fur because she had no fat or muscle to keep her warm at night. In two months she was looking better, in 4 months she had gained over 400 pounds and full of spunk. All three are doing fabulous now and we pray they have several good years left to live their lives.

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20200217 Waylon and willie intake

In February we made the trip to the Phoenix area to pick up two mini donkeys a family going through divorce could no longer keep. One had what we thought was a small skin cancer, but turned out to be a very large tumor by his chest.

We named them Waylon and Willie, and Waylon needed the tumor treated twice a day and bandaged with a t-shirt to cover the large belly wrap bandage to keep it clean.

20203002 Waylon in t

After consultation with several vets, a trip to Flagstaff and Continental Animal Wellness (who specializes in cancer treatment) a biopsy was done and it was determined there was not a way to treat the tumor without creating even more pain and duress than Waylon was already in and the chance of survival very slim. Through lots of tears he was released from his pain in March.

Since then Willie has found a wonderful home with the family who also adopted our mini donkeys named Brandy and Tillie. We miss them both so much.

7-27-20 Jake first surgery

In July the Navajo County Sheriff's Department and Arizona Department of Ag, Livestock division contacted us to assist in the capture of wild horse hit by a vehicle early in the morning while crossing a 2 lane highway in the national forest. One of those hit turned out to be a domestic, branded mustang who came to us for treatment. Sadly the other a 2 year old filly needed to be euthanized from her extensive injuries.

We named the mustang Jake. He immediately needed surgery, in fact our vet, Tammy Helzer did 3 separate surgeries and we did wound care several times each day and after several months the main wound is now just a small scar and his other bruising and scratches have all healed.

20200922 Jake in front of barn

You would never know the extent of his injuries looking at him today. Had we not been able to provide such care through your generous donations, the authorities would have euthanized this very sweet horse...now he has a chance and a wonderful life. With training we are sure he will make someone a wonderful riding horse and family member.

These are just some of the stories from this year. In total we have brought 26 horses and donkeys to the rescue so far this year. 5 of them emaciation cases, we have dealt with several injuries requiring extensive wound management and others who just needed a place to land when their owner was stricken with terminal or severe illness where they could no longer care for their beloved horses and donkeys.

All of this is possible through the donations we receive. As a 100% volunteer organization there are no salaries or wages so funds go where needed the most, to the horses, donkeys and minis in our care. Our volunteers are dedicated to making their lives better, providing the best care and showing them love many so desperately need.

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On this #GivingTuesday we know there are lots of great nonprofits to donate to and we ask that you consider us when you donate. We want to continue to provide the help and care needed to those at the rescue, help others in need and support the community still struggling from Covid19 and other issues that can make caring for their equines difficult...especially heading into winter.

Thank you so much for all you do to help us help equines in need.

You Make A Difference!!!

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