Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Can you help our Emergency Food Fund?

bales of hay

In these uncertain times we know that there will be families in great need of financial assistance to feed their horses, donkeys and minis. Funds for many will be tight and with folks primary concern their families we don't want animals to starve because funds are so tight and the future unknown.
Emergency Food Fund 2020 Flyer

In 2017 we started Hope's Legacy Equine Emergency Food Fund after the starvation deaths of 2 local horses. Through donations from local businesses so far the fund has assisted 80 equine (and a few goats/piglets) from 32 families for a total of $3412.40.
A small portion of those funds were used to assist 3 equines whose health required humane euthanasia and the families wanted to do the right thing but needed financial assistance. In an effort to be sure those equines didn't suffer a day longer than necessary we assisted with limited funds.

Tractor Supply Co., a sponsor of A Home For Every Horse program which we have been a member of for many years, has helped us in many ways especially in difficult times like the exceptional drought in 2018.
TSC logoOur local Show Low and Holbrook, AZ managers, John and Meggan have once again agreed to help us. They are posting flyers letting customers know the funds are available and allowing us to order hay or feed with discounts as available from them and having the grantee pick it up at the store.  We would welcome other feed stores to do the same.
This will be a huge help to us and the families in need since both stores are centrally located and will have good stock of needed items. Their continued support of our efforts over the years has been extraordinary and working together we can make a difference in the health and wellbeing of many horses, donkeys and minis here on the mountain.
This will be a one time grant for feed or hay. Applicants must fill out a form stating their need and other pertinent information, it will be reviewed and a site check done when warranted and one of our volunteers will follow up afterwards. People can contact us for an application via our FB page, Website or call/text 760-703-4860.
We will ask volunteers to post the flyer on area bulletin boards and we will post on social media and CraigsList to get the word out.

It is our goal to raise an additional $3000 to help feed those equines in need. If you would consider a small donation, I know I am asking a lot in the current crisis, but we can make all the difference to those animals who still need to eat regardless of what is going on in the world.
No dollar amount is too small, combined donations can feed so many. $5, $20, $50 and more all adds up and can save lives. We don't want to see any horses, donkeys or minis starving if we are here and can do something about it. If we pull together we can do this!!!
We are guided by our purpose in every way. Rimson, Buddie and all of us thank you so very much for all you do to help.

Your support is so greatly appreciated, we simply can't thank you enough!

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