Thursday, January 12, 2012

Liz Master's Horses and the Horse Community

I have gotten many emails and questions about the Liz M horses and what is going on.  First off, I don't know her and this was as much a shock to me as anyone else.

Many of you know that a small group of us tried working with representatives from both sides of the legal issue to help provide fundraising to feed the horses while homes were being found via the transparency of a legitimate rescue.  During that time many good hearted people continued to go out there to do the daily grunt work of caring for these horses (many of them sick with strangles).  Because of two very invective individuals with much false information, the most prudent thing for us was to step back from the formal process.  I guess some people can't separate the bad deeds of the horse owner from the innocent victims - the horses, but I can because that is where the true need is.  And sadly this was not my first time dealing with such a crisis.

There are a few horses left that still need homes, some have exposure to, or have strangles and should be quarantined if you take them.  Rachel McCarty Dunhoff has put an album on her Facebook wall of the horses.   There are still three horses at Dawn Fletcher's that were sent there from a local training ranch that moved the horses for non-payment of board by Liz that may need homes.  I have been told they are all very sweet horse.  For the most current status, you need to contact each individually because, as things always are in these big situations, things change quickly.

It is my understanding as of last night that the horses at the property in Anza are safe while they finish the quarantine process over the next week maybe longer while Liz is moving her personal belongs and self off the property.  The plaintiffs in this case do not want these horses, nor do they want to impede the process of them getting homes.   Any proceeds from the sale of the Liz Master horse is supposed to go to the plaintiffs atty as agreed on by the parties in the matter.  Hay donations are still needed to feed those horses.

There was clear fraud involved in the 'story' that Liz concocted to cover up her legal issues and I have heard many people have been able to dispute the funds put on their credit card or PayPal as donations and get their funds back.

I have worked with at least 1/2 dozen other big rescue situations like this and the owner circumstances were all different (a few fraudulent/criminal things) and there seems to always be a few people who try to undermine the good hearted people dealing with the day to day 'horse work' that is needed to sustain the herd while all hell seems to be breaking loose for them.

People ask "how do horses end up on feed lots?", well this is how.  Not every situation has enough good hearted people to step in and help, and like in this situation, some people have to pull back from their efforts because the energy that evil will expend to cause trouble is greater than the ability of the good trying to help.

Next time you hear about horses on a feed lot don't assume that no body cared what happened before they got dump for a small profit, there may have been many people with good intentions that were thwarted because the stakes or greed of some vultures waiting to grab up the pieces or muddy the waters because of a personal grudge with the owner, or some other circumstance that just didn't allow caring people to intercede on the horses behalf.

It is very hard, and heartbreaking to sit back and watch this kind of stuff happen over and over again.   Sometimes we can help and sometimes it is not prudent as a legitimate organization to get involved.  Sadly there will be more big situations for whatever reason, hoarders, frauds, breeders going out of business, and truly good people who had bad circumstance honestly happen to them.

Over this last year we have helped with two 20+ horses dispersal's where the owners asked for help and then were forthright in letting the horses go, signing over papers, following the whereabouts of the horses and relinquishing them before things got neglectful for the horses.  There was no big 'drama', there was no divisive distractions or explosive secrets and the needs of the horses were the priority.  

Sadly the needs of the horses are the same in both scenarios, through the process and until they are safely in their new home, they need to be fed, watered and cared for and the people who step in to do that are horse heroes as are those in the background trying to protect the rights of the horse.  And I for one am very proud of our local and regional horse communities that have the capacity to over and over again step up to the plate for the good of the HORSES!

Some may get downhearted by the bad apples in the horse community that create the "drama" and do bad things, but those bad apples exist in almost every type of hobby/business that exists.  Don't give them your time or energy of thought.  Instead realize that we have an AWESOME horse community of people who step in over and over and over again, whatever the cause, because it is the right thing to do for the horse.  These people do so willingly and without need of 'public kudos' or other recognition, they just do it.

I personally and our rescue are both proud to know and be associated and supported by the best horse community I know of..... You guys amaze me!   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for putting the WellBeing of the horse first!


  1. Excellent synopsis without getting into the "dirt". It is VERY true.. especially in the current climate.. that all of the rescues and rescue volunteers continue to help each other.. even if I couldn't place some of the horses, TEARS put the word out and as you stated.. we had a TREMENDOUS offering to get the horses taken care of despite the ill will reflected in some of the posts!

    1. Thanks Karina... And thank you for hosting the Low-Cost gelding clinic that was held last month in Ramona. I know at least one horse that participated.

  2. Well said Christine. Thanks for all you do for the horses!!

  3. Thanks Dawn... You let us know if you need any help with the Liz horses that you have.

  4. HI Dawn, I'm hoping you can let me know where Vasco FPA went. He is a chestnut arabian with a huge head and huge blaze Thanks Dian Woodward, , 435-260-8678 Or let me know who I can contact.

    1. Hi Dian, Rachel Dunhoff made a post that she would be posting the pictures of the horses for sale, their info, papers and such sometime tomorrow. You may be able to check that out too.
      Rachel McCarty Dunhoff
      I have spoken to the attorney in the Liz Master's case. There are around 20 great horses for sale. I will be cataloging their images tomorrow, copying their papers for descriptions and posting what we know about the horse, which may be very little. Interested parties can make offers to the attorney and he can accept credit cards.

  5. Hi - stumbled upon this site.... looking for a very, very old friend named Liz Masters, she'd be 55 now - always loved horses....

  6. This Liz Masters was prosecuted and found guilty of embezzling over 5 million dollars from her employer, leaving them in bankruptcy. You can check San Diego County criminal records to find out what jail she resides.

  7. Hi Christina,

    I just found this site and your story! First I want to say THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do for these horses in need.

    I had no idea about any of this. I actually heard Liz died of cancer?? I guess I was way off. So sad that she did what she did but no need to go into that. I, as like you and others, am just concerned about the HORSES!

    I always wondered what happened to a horse I sold Liz Masters. A young mare in September 2006 form my place in Meadow Vista CA. The last contact I had was a FB message in 9/2011. I used FB Messenger and found Liz that way. I sent Liz a note just to say hello and ask how my mare was as she had turned 10 on 4/15/2011 and I thought of her often. Liz bought her to use as a broad mare because Meggy had an issue with skin sensitivity on all four of her white stockings (like really, really bad scratches) which kept us from being able to use her in endurance as planned, or to even ride her as sweat or mud would aggravate it (I spent lots $$$$$ at UC DAVIS & Loomis Basin Vet Clinic in the Fall of 2003 and all of 2004 when the condition first hit Meggy shortly, just one month after bringing her home as a 2.5 year old from the Belesamo Ranch in Idaho to Northern CA).

    Liz messaged me back and said all was well with Meggy, skin issue basically stayed the same with one bad setback which her vet came up with a new concoction to relieve her legs, so she had not bred yet but was getting ready too.

    I am giving you these details to help with maybe a jogging a memory of what might have happened to Meggy (barn name).

    Meggy was born on the Belesemo Arabians on 4/15/2001 (yes I have a very good memory of dates!). Her registered name was BELESEMA MERRYLEGS (out of Belesemo Reflkshn & Jubilee Danszer). A beautiful large chestnut, full blaze, four while stockings with flaxen mane & tail. She looked like her sire! I signed over the AHA registration papers to Liz. She had a transport pick her up at our place the first week of October 2006.

    I just want a piece of mind to know that (hopefully) Meggy went to a good home. If you can do anything to find out, I would really appreciate it.

    You can contact me at

    THANKS and Happy New Year!

    Kristine Hartman