Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Angels sending gifts..... How lucky we are!

Look at the beautiful blankets that some wonderful angel (who wants to remain anonymous) shipped to us so we won't get wet or cold in the winter nights and rainy days..  

Dear Blanket Angel, 
Personally I think I look stunning in purple because it accents my beautiful golden blonde hair.  Just look at how perfect it fits me.  And it doesn't make my butt look big either.  This is the prettiest thing I have ever gotten.  Thank you SOOOOO much,  xxxxoooo  Bambi

Dear Blanket Angel,
I think my blue blanket is the bestest thing ever.  I will stay nice and warm at night and won't get so wet when it rains.  I love the color blue and think I look pretty special in it too.   I wish it made my butt look big.  But lots of people are taking really good care of me and my butt will look big pretty soon.  The best part is as I grow, my blanket will get bigger too.  I love my blanket and I love you too blanket angel...  xxxooo Diesel

We also want to thank Nancy Lawler for the wonderful donation of horse halters, lead ropes and a couple other pieces of tack.  We will put these to use right away.  Many of our old ones are pretty worn and some are rusty so now we can throw all those away.  This is awesome.   Thank you very much for this nice donation.     Christine

Everyone's continued support of the horses at EqWBR allows us to provide the care and meet the needs of these horses so we can get them well, train them or provide what they need till new homes can be found so they can thrive and be loved for the rest of their lives.    Your generosity makes this all possible and we Thank You All So Much!

Christine, Connie & Dawn

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