Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Update on Feedlot Horses 8-17-11

Today I had the time to stop and visit the first six of the rescued horses that have made their way down to Ramona.  It was just 3 days ago that Jamie and Laura made the trek up to Bishop to pick them up.  After a tire blow out on the way they spent the night with a very gracious Hawk family and on Sunday loaded up these six and made the long drive back to Ramona.   It was hot, over 100 degrees, but the horses did awesome with several stops for shade and water and they arrived late Sunday.  

The horses quickly started to settle in and after the first day were no longer scared to have Laura enter the enclosure and a few even got brave enough to approach her and nibble food out of her hand.  
Today it was apparent that they feel extremely comfortable in their new surroundings.  I saw lots of yawns while I was there.  Several approached me and were sniffing and allowed me to rub their muzzle.  Then as though on cue, they got in a line and all turned to look at us as if to say, "see, we made it!".  

I dropped off some halters so that Laura and Jamie can eventually start halter breaking them and get them used to being handled.  While their feet look relatively good, they will need a trim in the next few weeks and when their quarantine is over they will be able to be moved around some more.  So far no signs of illness from any of them, but they will remain in quarantine for a few weeks to stay on the safe side.

It wasn't but a few hours later I got a text message from Laura with the picture below.  The very friendly dun filly (#8), who is the first to approach everyone at the fence, was already wearing a halter and acting like it was no big deal to have it on.  I was SO excited I called Laura right away to share the joy.  These are the sweetest horses that have been through the worst of times through no fault of their own.  And here this little filly is accepting enough to let Laura put a halter on her and not fuss about it.  I makes my heart smile. 

So many people have come together to save these lives and we are all sharing in the joy of these moments.  Sadly there are still twelve on the feed lot, three mares with foals at their sides, that need to be taken off that lot.  We need people who have room and can take one or more so they won't end up on the truck going to the Canada slaughter plant in a few days.  

If you have room, please contact Debra Hawk at 760-933-8797 or

Donations are still be accepted via PayPal  using email
or they can be mailed to Equine WellBeing Rescue, PO Box 324, Ramona, CA 92065
and donations are still needed to fund the medical care of #24 who's vet bill was $346 for an issue with her eye. 

Let's make it so we can see pictures like these of the remaining horses, rather than worry they have been sent to their death through no fault of their own.....

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